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    We met online November 2016, began a relationship, 8 months later met for the first time, and married in Morocco July 2017. August 2017 I filed for a CR1 Visa.

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  1. We got AP from Morocco. I need a joint sponsor. I'm waiting to file 2018 taxes to try again.
  2. Where in the instructions does it say current pay stubs? I've read through it and I don't see that. I see it says "if you believe". I want to know so that I don't give wrong information. CEAC doesn't accept zip files.
  3. 1. You don't need the joint sponsor's pay stubs, it's recommended but not required. You are only required to have I-864 signed, W-2 or transcript, and proof of citizenship. 2. I used Adobe. -File -Save as Other -Reduce Size If your Adobe doesn't have it, I think you can buy the add on their website for like $15. The price may vary depending on where you're located.
  4. No, they only looked at 2017 Income Tax Return and Transcripts. The CO said their system only accepts 2017 taxes, doesn't consider any other evidence. Therefore income was not met. In short, even if I meet income for the past 6 months or past year it doesn't count. It must be on tax form. This is Casablanca consulate so your country may be different. *Also note that NVC accepted the evidence however the consulate did not. *
  5. Yes definitely thankful for the outcome. I'm confident on my 2018 income just wanted to make sure I'm able to resubmit evidence for myself. 😊
  6. I submitted taxes for 2015 met requirement, 2016 met requirement, 2017 did not meet requirement. I submitted pay stubs from May 2017 to present and employer letter with actual Salary above requirement. On I-864 I put income from employmer letter.
  7. @NJ & RJ I included my checking and savings accounts, 401K, and paystubs for a year. I don't have any other assets. The CO dismissed the evidence and stated they only go by Tax Forms.
  8. At the interview my husband was given 221g and directed to obtain a joint sponsor. They kept his passport. I have no one so commenting to keep looking is not helpful. My plan is to wait until I file 2018 taxes, in which I meet poverty guidelines and beyond, to resubmit myself as a sponsor. Is this allowed/acceptable? I understand the consulate would "prefer" a new sponsor however my question is specific to allowing me to resubmit as a sponsor. I reached out to the consulate but they have yet to reply. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Josie
  9. Josie333


    You mean the NVC cover sheet? If so, everything on Part 2 is the beneficiary; everything on Part 3 is the Petitioner.
  10. Josie333

    DS 5535

    No, not necessarily. The author is giving her observation that this trend is heightened among that demographic. This post suggest ways to handle the response to DS-5535 IF you get it. That doesn't mean you're going to get it.
  11. So happy for you. Congratulations!!!!!! Enjoy life with your wifey❤
  12. So happy and relieved for you to finally have some progress. NVC took 8.5 weeks to assign a case# for us. Sending you all positive thoughts.
  13. Josie333


    As stated above, as soon as it says PAID. Mine took 1-2 weeks in between each step/fee to clear so it varies. You can send your IV package ahead of time you don't have to wait until you complete the DS-260 as long as you have your Cover Sheet. I sent it 1 week ahead and it worked out fine.
  14. My CC is August 3rd. NVC said they're scheduling through this week. I saw one couple that erroneously got scheduled during Eid, now rescheduled for October as well.