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  1. I have hepatitis B and it didn't harm my immigration process. You need to see your physician and ask him to write a resume of your medical history, if you have any complications or not, if you are taking medecine or not, which one, the dose. You will show that letter during your medical visit to the surgeon chosen by the US embassy. If you don't have a personal medical doctor, find one now and take the test you need to take to establish that you're doing well. I will highly suggest you to go to a specialist. My medical exam went very well, I voluntarily disclosed my hepatitis b status and I was asked to bring a letter from a specialist. I request my personal doctor to state if my chronic disease is stable or not, and precise the medecine I am taking. By the way Hepatitis b is not among the disease that can stop your immigration as long you are not at a stage where you will be a burden for the US health system.If your health screening goes well, the surgeon will give you an envelope to take with you at your interview. If it doesn't go well, he will send the envelope directly to the embassy.During my interview at the US embassy, there was no mention of my medical history. I have lived with that disease for 16 year now without any problem and I see a doctor at least once a year. FYI you don't need to take an hepatitis b vaccine because you have the disease already; not everyone does need to take medecine and finally don't stress for that. You better think about what you will do when you get here, the first months, years can be tough. Good luck,
  2. Okay. I'm going to look at the post and hopefully find my answer. If I don't I will get back here. Thanks
  3. Hi, Here I'm making a post where nobody wishes to be. Unfortunately my spouse and I are getting divorced. We are about to file the mutual consent divorce which is supposed to take no longer than few weeks. We filed together my removal of conditions 2 months ago. The notification was sent but I never received it, I made an inquiry. We made our dossier as complete as possible with affidavits from friends and family members. Are relationship was having up and down, but there is no way where will go back. I do want to know if there is something I should do regarding USCIS when I get my divorce decree or should I just wait til my interview date? I have asked to my spouse who is the best American to sign a paper before the notary expressly stating that he is the one who initiated the divorce. I don't know what he should put exactly but I want to make sure that he share the true which is he is the one who decided to brake up. When he is upset he would call me African, scammer, someone who gets married for papers or threatens me to report me to USCIS. While those words are said only because he is angry, they make me feel very sad, and I'm tired of him saying that when he wants. I have decided to sign the mutual consent divorce agreement because I don't need anything from him and I agree that our relationship is destructive for each of us but specially him. What should I do regarding USCIS? What should the letter he will write states? Thanks,
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