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  1. I don’t have a first hand experience but I was said that the Baltimore MD field office performs the ceremony the same day by a friend who did her citizenship interview at that location.
  2. You definitely don’t have to file an i751 again. You should only send your divorce decree when you get it with a letter stating your new marital status and you are requesting a waiver. Don’t waist your time and money!
  3. I’m not from Spain, but I recall that having the medical exam and the blood test the same day. I got the test results the next day or 2 and brought it back to the Doctor office. It’s not a long process ( it was before COVID-19 though). It might be better to try to get your medical visit as soon as possible rather than changing your interview date.
  4. Hey, From my personal experience, Hep B can not cause a denial. Before you go to the Doctor appointment, ask your physician to write a letter summarizing your Hep B history. Something like “ X is followed for Hepatitis B since…. He/She is taking x medication at x dose and has been doing well under treatment “. I recall there was no way for the Doctor to know I had Hep B if I didn’t tell him since the test is not required for the visa. I hope this help.
  5. Thanks a lot for answering my question about the public benefits and advising on how I can dispose the food. I am going to check for a local food bank.
  6. Hello, I recently tested positive for covid-19 and was not able to work for few weeks. The city where I live reach out to me to check on me and ask if I needed any assistance for food or my rent. I had no idea prior that my city has such program. I requested to get food and financial assistance but now I have a second thought. They sent me a lot of food that I do not eat, and I feel some people need it more than me. Albeit getting covid has hurted my finance, I can still take money from my credit card. I also wonder if getting a government assistance will hurt my future application for citizenship or not. I'm currently removing my conditional residency. Do you know if there is a way to return the food, since I do not eat this type of food? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot. I meant by waver to changer application from jointly filed to a single filing as I'm divorced. I will make sure to call them first to double check the address.
  8. Thank you for you suggestion, but I will not get an RFE since I filled jointly. Thanks a lot. I will do that.
  9. Hi, My I-751 is pending but I got divorced. I want to send my divorce decree and a waiver but I don’t know to which USCIS office address I should send my documents. I would appreciate any direction. thanks
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