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  1. @ababsurd what a racket! These CS have a lot of nerve! I'm glad you were able to figure it out without spending TOO much money. The last thing you need on top of the stress of this process is to break the bank doing so! Thank you SO much for this info and good luck with the rest of your process!
  2. Our problem is that I dont have insurance until Sept either... we were living together in Colombia so I just got back the the US too. It's been rough getting reestablished even for me haha...I feel like an immigrant too! I think I'll feel more comfortable waiting until Sept...but his I-94 expires on sept 11th, although that doesn't matter, right?
  3. Hi all Jan filers! Hope things are moving/concluding smoothly for you. I am about to send our AOS packet and thinking of not sending I-693, OR just waiting until I have insurance and can affordably do the medical exam over completely. I will lose a month, but I'm afraid of THIS ^ happening. Any opinions on the matter? Mil gracias ❤️
  4. Buffalo, NY...and yeah the same is happening here! I think I may just wait until September when my insurance kicks in...we will lose a month but also be sure that everything is completely done. What do you think?
  5. Hello everyone! Technically I'm not an August filer yet...hoping to be! But I have a HUGE doubt maybe some of you could help me out with. I asked this question in a different thread and got a few answers, but the others who chimed in told me to double and triple check, so I will. My husband does not have a complete ds-3025 and needs a vaccine to have those records up to date, but the civil surgeons in my area insist on doing the complete medical (even though it's not necesarry). We won't have insurance until Sept so getting the extra tests will be a fortune. In the other thread I was advised to send the AOS packet without I-693 to begin the process and will receive a reminder with NOA 1 to bring updated records to the interview. Anyone know anything about this? Any responses are appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Thank you both for your advice. In covering both bases...just made an appointment for vaccinations a few days from now but in the meantime i will look into not sending the i693 just to be safe. I really appreciate it!!
  7. @Ben&Zian Thank you for your reassurance that it will be OK! Haha, I needed that.
  8. I apologize if this has already been hashed out on VJ, but I haven't found the answers I'm looking for. 😲 I know every case is different but my husband has K1 visa status and as we were preparing the AOS paperwork I got caught up in a sh**storm of doubt and confusion. In Colombia, my husband got the full medical exam needed to get his visa and enter the US. Unfortunately, the doctor did not update his vaccines, nor asked him if he wanted to. Us never having done this before didn't think anything of it. UNTIL NOW. I know my husband needs boosters of some vaccines but we won't have insurance until September 1st. His I-94 is valid until Sept 11th. We are already married, which is what those 90 days are for, and I've read that while it is not IDEAL to apply for AOS later than 90 days, it's not necessary to do it by then. Now, if we want to get his vaccines updated, we HAVE TO get blood work and urine samples done (I have argued with multiple civil surgeons and no one will give him an injection without these things being done...money grab?). Our biggest priority right now is getting the EAD for my husband sooner than later. From what I have read, the EAD and AOS processes are not directly related. Even if our AOS process is delayed by an RFE for vaccines, it won't affect EAD (correct?). We can wait for the green card, but I don't want him going crazy cooped up in a house all winter. Not to mention we could really use the second income. So here are my options as I see it: 1. Spend nearly $1000 to get blood and urine tests and updated vaccs without insurance to send AOS and EAD next week. 2. Wait until Sept 1st when insurance coverage begins to get tests and vaccs, so we can send AOS and EAD *hopefully* by Sept 11th or shortly after. 3. Send AOS and EAD documents knowing that we will get an RFE for vaccines in the future, but *hopefully* receive the EAD sooner than later. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any insight, let me know!!! I'm so afraid to make a mistake that could cost us this whole process. Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but maybe not. Send your suggestions, tips, previous mistakes my way! Blessings to all ❤️ Dana and Jhonatan
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