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  1. I got my card exactly a week after my interview but it can vary. I also had a trip booked about 2 weeks from the interview. If you get approved before the trip then you can get your passport stamped through an infopass appointment. That stamp will allow you to prove your PR status. What I did was pre-schedule an infopass a week from the interview in case the card wasn't gonna come in time.
  2. Did you use this tool to find a doctor? https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor Honestly it's crazy to me how difficult and expensive it is to get basic health care needs taken care of in the US.
  3. Yea I was not expecting this at all. The biggest thing I cared about was the EAD and was bummed out to see that the processing times on that were getting longer and longer. I actually had an RFE for the i-864 and kept reading that that would reset the timeline on everything. But then about a week after they got the response, my interview was scheduled! The NC offices seem to really have their stuff together, too bad it's not like that everywhere else. Did he get the missing vaccine yet?
  4. It was August 16th, so it took exactly a week to receive from the date of the interview. These are the statuses I got after the interview: 8/16/2018: Card in production (about 2 hours after interview) 8/20/2018: Card was mailed 8/21/2018: Picked up by USPS - with tracking number 8/22/2018: Card was delivered (because USPS tracking said so)
  5. Green card came in the mail today, what a relief. The USPS tracking actually said it was delivered yesterday to the mailbox but it wasn't there and I was really worried that they misdelivered it. I read that USCIS will make you pay 450$ to replace it if the tracking says it was delivered which is complete BS. The way they send these important documents out is not secure at all. I wish they'd just hold it at the post office and require ID to pick it up - that's what they do it Canada for passports. Anyways, I hope to hear about more progress and good news on your journeys soon!
  6. Thanks. I guess they haven't implemented this new secure delivery on the new documents yet. Did the status change from "new card being produced" to "card was mailed"? If so, how long did it take? Did you get a tracking number?
  7. Had my interview last week and card currently in production so I'm expecting it to be mailed out soon. I read that they have started using a more secure delivery service requiring identification and signature of the applicant here: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis-begin-using-more-secure-mail-delivery-service It says that they will start using this service for documents that need to be re-mailed. I was wondering if anyone who recently received their green card or combo card was required to be present and show ID? The situation is that we put the mailing address as my husband's family's house in the care of his mother so that we don't have to worry changing the address when we moved. All mail that I've received from USCIS said my name and "c/o [his mother's name]" underneath. The house is about an hour away so I was wondering if she'd be authorized to sign for it if they started requiring ID and signature for the new documents or if I should arrange to be there on the day of the delivery? I just want to avoid it getting sent back to USCIS which I know can be headache.
  8. Just got the "new card being produced update"!
  9. I just had my AOS interview at the Raleigh NC field office. Went through the usual airport style security to waiting room and waited for our number to be called. We got called in by a friendly officer. He told us he needed a copy of our marriage certificate because he couldn't find it, so I gave one to him. He asked me some basic biographical questions and some of the yes/no questions from the AOS packet. He said that since the K1 was done that it's already been shown relationship is real. He then asked how we met, when we decided to get married, and when we first met in person. We had nice little conversations with him just about everyday stuff throughout the interview. It seemed to have gone well. He didn't ask for anything else aside from the copy of the marriage certificate so I offered him the co-mingling evidence and he took it. He said that that would be important for the ROC. He told us that we would probably get a decision within the next couple of days. The whole interview probably took about 10 mins.
  10. Congrats!! You should be getting that letter in the next few days but if you're impatient like me you can call and ask for a tier 2 officer to tell you the date lol. They seem to consistently be scheduled about a month from receiving the notification so I'd expect it to be mid-to-late September!
  11. Y'all, our AOS interview is tomorrow! This is what I will be bringing so far. Documents: Copy of interview notice Copy of i-485 Form Copy of petitioner i-864 package Copy of joint sponsor i-864 package Copy of i-485 NOA1 Birth certificate and copy (Applicant) Birth certificate and copy (Petitioner) Passport and copy of bio page and K1 visa page (Applicant) Passport and copy (Petitioner) SS card and copy (Applicent) SS card and copy (Petitioner) i-94 copy DS-3025 and copy Vaccination records and copies Marriage certificate and copy Supporting Evidence: Wedding photos with both families T-Mobile account summary with both names Lease agreement copy with both names Renters insurance proof with both names Auto insurance proof with both names Joint bank account documentation VA benefits of petitioner showing applicant as beneficiary Anything important I may be missing?
  12. Thanks! It changed to "ready to be scheduled" on July 11th and to "scheduled" on July 12th. So one day. It seems to vary a lot.
  13. Mine also says "initial interview". Should only be one interview unless they suspect fraud or something.
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