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  1. You’re right! We talked about it and we’re going to go for four months and we won’t leave until I get confirmation of biometric reuse/appointment. Thanks for the reality check! 4 months will still be great and I can be grateful for that, plus, we can go for 2 or 3 months later if my n400 is still pending. Then it’s one or 2 short trips and there’s no risk to my continuous residence. Good points here. We talked about it and we’ll go for for months post biometric reuse or appointment. that way if my n400 does take 18 months, we can pop back and forth for shorter trips after the long one. Thanks for the realistic info!
  2. Question for anyone that might know: I understand you can’t be gone for more than 6 months at a time as a green card holder (we will be filing for N400 in early October). We are planning on going home for 5.5 months right after I file. We travel a lot though, and will have been out of the US for say, 6 weeks of the year of 2021 before we leave for our long holiday to aus while my citizenship is pending. I will have been in the us for far more than 50% of the prior 3 years, but my question is, do I have to have been in the US for more than 6 months and 1 day of the year in which my n400 is pending? I am a US resident/aussie citizen and my husband is a dual aus US citizen and we plan to live between the two countries (7 months USA 5 months AUS as an example). I am BEYOND ready to be home for an extended trip. We are going for 5 weeks in July, and then would be home from say, November 2021 to April 2022. I understand we will need to be ready to book my flight to aus very quickly for my citizenship interview and oath. Does anyone have experience with this? I would be working as a 1099 for my US employer, husband would be remote for his US company, and our primary residence would remain in the US, basically just a long holiday. Thanks for your advice! I wouldn’t want to get all this way and it up at the last step 😂
  3. Has anyone had any updates past biometrics for LIN? Mine hasn't changed since early december.
  4. Hi everyone, we can apply for my N-400 in late September/Early October, our I-751 has been pending since October. We will file at our local office in SLC, UT. Has anyone seen the timelines shifting for N-400 at all? I am BEYOND homesick and really need to go home to Australia for a year or so once we get my dual citizenship. I am seeing 13-18 months from filing on the current tracker. Obviously this is SUCH a first world problem, but it would be so great to see everyone's experiences of late with their citizenship timelines, so I can have a 'home time' date to look forward to. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!
  5. Our attorney told us that in the 3 months before N400 filing (I am pending ROC on my GC - have my 18 month extension and global entry), that we shouldn't leave the US, even for a long weekend holiday to Mexico etc. Is this true? I can't seem to find this written anywhere. We travel a lot and spend many of the public holidays in the US overseas doing short trips (long weekends here and there) overseas. We are vaccinated for Covid (our second shot will be feb 10). Since in the 3 months before we file for my N400 there's July 4, july 24 (utah only holiday), and labor day, I'm wondering how legit this is that we can't travel during this time? Such a first world problem I know, but just wondering everyone's experiences of this?
  6. That's so strange! Just looked and our copy is definitely a courtesy copy. Not excited to have to shorten our trip if they gave us the wrong one!
  7. So... looks like our receipt we're getting is a courtesy copy and the original is going to our lawyer. We leave for australia in 2 days, can he fax us the original if it doesn't arrive in time? Does anyone have a pic of their receipt notice?
  8. OMG! we finally have a case number. LIN service center. Is it weird that they didn't cash our check yet? We have like 50+k in that account so surely the check would clear?? Very nervous. Also we had our infopass this morning and it was a total waste of time. The man was horribly rude to me and my attorney, I cried and he basically told me to shut up lol. Don't waste your time on an infopass to get a stamp if they've lost your case. We ended up getting our receipt number by chance on the call in line.
  9. OK I'm really starting to worry now. Ours was signed for on october 6 and no text, no check cashed and no NOA. What can we do?!
  10. What amount did you send? We did $680 since that's what our attorney said is the current fee. I called USCIS probably 5 times and explained that we are traveling next month to my home country and our check hasn't been cashed and we will need an I551 Stamp. The first 3 people refused to give me one, then I got in the queue for an infopass appointment and they called me 8 days later and gave me one for November 4. Fingers crossed!
  11. Our app was delivered to AZ on October 6 at 8am. Our check still has not been cashed and our application is still not in the system. We are travelling soon so we have an infopass for November 4. We would like to request an I-551 Stamp. Can anyone help us by telling us what to bring and what specifically to ask for?
  12. Yes, to get back into the USA if we extended our trip a little longer. I wouldn't want to risk it so figured I'd ask here. USCIS received our I751 app on the 6th and nothing yet!
  13. Yes, GC expires Jan 2, 2021, return flight is booked Dec 30, 2020. Sad about it though, since Aus has such strict quarantine requirements we would have liked to spend an extra week or two there with our family over new years. Does anyone know if a copy of the NOA is accepted in addition to the expired GC, or does it need to be the original? Just wondering if it arrives whilst we're away and we get a copy printed?
  14. Arrived to them on the 6th, check still not cashed. We leave for 2 months in Australia in 2 weeks and I'm getting nervous. Tried to book an infopass to get an I551 and they haven't even called me back to give me a date.
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