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  1. Hey guys, I got my RFE. Super frustrating. They want a copy of my divorce Decree from my first marriage. I had the original and a copy in my folder with me at the interview. We posted it today. Hopefully it doesn't hold things up too much.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The office is nearly 3hrs away. Not so easy to visit. I called them and explained what happened. The guy just apologised but didn't know why we were told this. To add to my frustration when I asked if he could tell my what evidence is needed he told me he could see it but couldn't tell me. He also said no one else could tell me even under these circumstances of being given false hope and the wrong information.
  3. We had our AOS interview yesterday. It went really well. We had a binder with all our original copies of certificates and ID plus copies for them to keep. We had our evidence of cohabitation with various joint accounts and shared insurance and various pictures of the wedding and married life. The officer asked a few questions and didn't even look at the binder. He was happy to tell us that he was satisfied and I would receive my GC in 2 weeks. Out of curiosity I check the case status when we got home and it has said "RFE has been mailed" really confused and a little annoyed as we have told a lot of people it's all done and dusted. I'll be frustrated if the RFE is for something we had with us. Has anyone else seen this happen?
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