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  1. No idea. I was going through the online application process and I had to choose whether I'm a us citizen or work permit holder. Me clicking work permit always results in me not being able to submit the application 🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well!
  2. That's the exact reason why I could not apply there. It was a procurement position with security clearance. But also they had positions where no clearance is needed and I still couldn't apply.
  3. I'm crossing my fingers for you! I interviewed at a temp work office but they havent been able to place me with a firm yet 😒 I just have the feeling that many companies are hesitant because I haven't had a US job yet and they cant verify my references from germany. And also there are many jobs that require you to be a US citizen. Which sucks, because I would have loved to work there.
  4. apinchofstella

    German people...rührt euch!!

    Hallo an alle 🖐️ Habe die Gruppe gerade erst entdeckt und dachte mir ich sag auch mal Hallo... Gluecklicherweise habe ich den K1 Prozess hinter mir. Hat von absenden des Antrages bis Einreise in die USA knapp 10 Monate gedauert. Und momentan sind wir im naechsten Prozess der elend langen Warterei! Letztes Jahr im Juni habe ich den Antrag fuer Adjustment of Status / Employment Authorization & Advanced Parole abgeschickt. Im Juli hatte ich dann mein Biometrics Termin. Ende November habe ich endlich meine EAD/AP Card erhalten und warte seitdem auf einen Termin zum Interview (seit Juli 2018 🤯)!!! Fuer solche lange Wartezeiten brauch man starke Nerven. Umso schoener das es solche Gruppen und Foren wie diese hier gibt!
  5. This is very interesting! Thanks for the heads up. If something like that will happen again I know what to say 👍🏻
  6. I had one hiring manager questioning my legal status which got me upset. I tried to be clear about it but as soon as they heard EAD bla bla they weren't interested like that anymore 😳
  7. I know right?! I feel like the whole application process in germany is waaaaay easier than it is over here! You have to go through phone interviews, then a first and second in-person interview... jeez! And everything just takes so long! Crossing my fingers that you'll succeed soon!
  8. I just cant wait to get done and over with this haha! I am so happy for you and your job situation, and I totally agree with you on the networking side. I do lack there lol! I've been to a couple of interviews and just wishing for the best
  9. This timeline is a nightmare 😒 My field office is in Orlando.
  10. This wait is a pain in the A$$ 😒 As of July 25 my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. 251 days so far! So frustrating 😤 At least I got the EAD/AP card... but job hunt is also very slow! Everybody is just taking their sweet time.
  11. Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview as of July 25!!!! This is ridiculous and so frustrating! 😞 Wishing the best for everyone in 2019!
  12. Day 148 and my EAD card is being produced 🎊 I'm so freaked out about it 😁
  13. long time no post, on my behalf 🙈 currently on day 127!!! i never imagined to say that i'd rather complain about going to work every night than complaining not being able to work 😢 this is just so frustrating
  14. NZ is pretty much like Germany. Just that education is free in Germany (u may have to pay a small enrollment fee, or book)...
  15. I got a SSN when I was an Aupair in the US. I got married and received the marriage certificate. Can I go and get my name changed on my SSN? Or after I received EAD Card?