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  1. Oh I see.. what exactly is the I-94? is it related directly to applying for I-90?
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation Ketsuban.. I haven't checked VJ for a while since USCIS sent my GC to my previous address.. I basically gave up on the GC at this point.. My concern though is that my passport expires in March 2019 and without having GC I wonder what would be my residency status.. I asked my lawyer she wasn't very clear about my situation and simply said we're filing N400 for naturalization and you should be fine. Does this sound right to you? I'm worried I don't want to be here without having some residency card.. And also I asked about extension stamp on passport, they said they'll extend it to the date my passport expires so that won't help.. I already have an extension stamp on my passport which ends on Sept 2nd.. So Idk how to resolve this problem.. My lawyer suggested to renew my passport, however there's only one Syrian embassy that could issue new passport and that is in Rio , Brazil.. So I can't get visa to there anyway.. So that won't work either.. I'm so frustrated.. :///
  3. Yea, will include everything in the service request.. I've been feeling so down since last week.. dealing with this situation is so depressing and frustrating..
  4. So after following up with the other apartment manager, she told me that the apartment that my mail was sent to was empty till last week. So 2 weeks ago she basically cleaned the mail box and trashed the junk mail and returned the mails that were not junk to the senders. So my mail was among those that she sent to sender. I checked with the USPS about my mail if it is in transit for return, they said that there isn't any scan of the mail for return. And after talking to another post office employee for 20 minutes explaining how sensitive this case is, he told me that sometimes the USPS employee doesnt scan the mail when returning it to the sender. So basically they said it might be in transit to USCIS. I just got a reply from USCIS three days ago that they have sent my green card in the mail on Feb 15th and was delivered on Feb 20th. So my question is: Could it be possible that when submitting an inquiry to USCIS about "Green Card not received in the mail" that they don't check if they have it under "Return mail box"?? Should I submit another inquiry about this and ask USCIS to check if they have my mail in their return mail box?? Is this an option for inquiry??
  5. they mailed it to a different address in the same city.. How did the uscis put a completely different address on my file?? what the heck.. So the post office gave me the address that they delivered it to and I actually went to that address (which is half a mile from my place) and left a note with my number to contact me if they got my mail two months ago.. Hopefully they didnt trash my mail.. I also emailed that apartment management about my situation.. we'll see what comes out of this!
  6. Oh just found out that they're open today! Heading there right now! LOL
  7. Yea, i'll go and ask the local usps office here.. I'm not optimistic though.. :/
  8. Oh God.. so the building where i'm staying at is two buildings. Building 181 and Building 183 and they are next to each other. I just went to the other building apartment same number of my apartment and asked if they had any mail under my name back in February and the lady said she hasn't.. so.. I dont know.. it must have not made it to either buildings.. But maybe going to the local post office and checking with them might be helpful.
  9. Yea, I'll check with the local post office and see if they can offer any help. Thanks
  10. Yea, will check with the attorney and see what we can do about this.. Thanks for the info! It's so frustrating that the approval letter made it to the mail box on Feb 15th. But the GC didnt make it.. :/
  11. Nope, still in the same place since I moved to the states! And the tracking number shows the City name and the Zip Code which both are correct! But it doesn't show the Street address and the apartment number.. Of course.. What a joke..
  12. Just woke up to see this stupid email update from USCIS about my mysteriously not delivered GC! ======================================================================================================================= Type of service requested: -- Non-Delivery of Permanent Resident Card The status of this service request is: On April 16, 2018, your legal representative notified USCIS that you have not received the Permanent Resident Card that our records show was sent. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue can be resolved. On February 15, 2018, we sent your Permanent Resident Card to the address we have on file. The tracking information below indicates your card was delivered February 20, 2018. USPS Tracking Information: ################### USCIS does not accept liability for secure documents, including Permanent Resident Cards, upon receipt by the U.S Postal Service. Replacement of a card lost, stolen, or otherwise misplaced during transit requires the submission of a newly-completed Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, and applicable fee(s). ======================================================================================================================= Just great..
  13. Yea, I did contact them and hopefully will hear back at some point.. Fingers crossed!
  14. I see.. Well, I tried calling the USCIS number but never got a hold of any person.. All I managed to do is to turn in an online inquiry.. Hopefully that will do the magic! Thanks for your response!
  15. oh I did not know that there is DHS account.. is it useful? WHat's the link for creating an account for that?