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  1. Hey everyone, Thank you so much for replying and sharing your stories. It means a lot to know we are not alone on this journey. I wish everyone best of luck and please keep us updated if anyone gets lucky here lol. I hope ours end soon.
  2. Hello everyone, My husband had his visa interview last October (2018). The officer gave him a yellow card marked with missing documents that later on were submitted to them by us. It has been almost one year now, upon checking his visa status on CEAC website it says administritive processing and the last date updated is September 15. The case only gets an update whenever we send them an email asking about the case process.I am very concerned now I feel like it is only us whose case has gone under AP for so long. My husband's passport was collected from him by the officer at the time of his interview and it is still at the embassy. We have a 2 and a half year old son who was born in the U.S and is a U.S citizen, and even that didn't help. I got to the U.S on November 2015 and I am still on a green card. The embassy handling my husband's case is the U.S embassy in Kabul Afghanistan. Also not to forget reading the forums here on visa journey I got to know that I could get help from my state's/city's senator regarding the issue and I did that the senator I contacted is Kamla Harris and she works for my area her office was helpful but the only thing I got from them was an official letter stating that I have to wait and this wait can not be expedited or waived. If you guys have any suggestions or similar stories please, please share it with us. Thanks in advance
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