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  1. On Wednesday December 19th, 8:15 AM  we had our Green card  interview . We got there 30 minutes early (by the way just a reminder the parking attendent takes cash only, no credit or debit cards. Parking cost $7.00).

    We walked into the building went through security no problem.  Went to the recption desk the lady working there is so friendly and sweet.  The receptionist gives you a paper ticker with your number on it.

    We get to the interview waiting area and sat near the right side of the room. Waited about 20 minutes past interview time  Our interviewer greeted us saying she recognized us from our picture.  She was very pleasant and very easy to engage with in conversation. We started our meeting with standing and raising our right hand to swear that we were telling the truth in the interview. She made some small chat and asked us for our proof of living together.   We gave her all the information like, phones bills, copy of proof we did tax return together, car insurance, house purchase any utilities bills and health care insurance etc.  Then she asked me a few question like what date was my birthday, what date was my husbands birthday, how did we meet, what date was your wedding, where was my husband born.  Then she informed us she would have to ask us a list of question from off of the forms we sent in.  So we answered them all.  Then she asked my husband a few questions about how we met. She did not ask for the marriage certificate or a copy of the medical.  These were already in our file from our K-visa interview)

    We gave her a whole new bunch of pictures from after the wedding till now and showed her our wedding album. Then we signed the document stating everything we said we true to the best of our knowledge.

    We asked a few questions as well stating we had moved and electronically changed our address and were given an email stating it had been done on their end.  I phoned before the interview confirming that they for sure had our correct address they said yes again and then sent it to our old address.  Thank goodness for mail address forwarding.  So she made sure she had the correct address and also asked what name I would like the green card to be  I stated my married name.   But I noticed she never really said you have been approved. She said everything would take a couple of weeks.   So at first we were excited and then upon retrospect I kept saying she never told us we were approved.  She did say she had to review the material.

    About 8 hours later we got a text stating our status had changed so we checked and it stated:   We had completed our interview and now they were reviewing everything.  Then my husband got an email stating that  our interview was complete and a long list of things that needed to be done for the next steps like getting a security check, and getting an appointment for biometrics and we are like what??? We already did that!!!  Clearly it was a glitch or someone pressed a wrong button who knows  So I phoned the next day and they said there was nothing like that on their file.  After stressing  today finally we got the notice that the card was being produced. Our interviwer had said they have been having alot of problems with their computers and wished they would go back to the old carbon copy way! lol   So it took almost 2 days to get the confirmation that greencard was being produced.

    It appears after the interview they take time to review everything and then make their decisions.  That's how it is done now. so don't freak out if you don't get an answer right away.


    Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!  



    1. Grazelfaith


      Hi, did you get your GC now? Still waiting mine. I filled last sept.2017 and wait for almost 2 years. They give me interview last jan30 2019 and no update until March 8 . My Status change “they proced my new card”  What that mean ? Is that mean I’m aproved ? I need encouragement 🥴 after that status how long I need to wait again to see my status change to “ they already send me card ?  I’m very sick of waiting .. Seattle office are very slow! 

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