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    Austin got a reaction from Eugenia2017 in Abroad Married couple starting the process soon...help plz?!   
    File online... It's pretty straight forward
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    Austin got a reaction from Eugenia2017 in I-130 Online Filers   
    Looks like online filing will be faster
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    Austin got a reaction from Sea Leslie in I-130 Online Filers   
    Looks like online filing will be faster
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    Austin reacted to Quarknase in I-130 Online Filers   
    Great Idea! We filed online today, received an IOE number and within a couple of hours it stated "Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review." so I am assuming we're in the queue
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    Austin reacted to kiwi2426 in I-130 Online Filers   
    Hi, I wanted to start a new topic for those of us who applied using the new online application given that little is known about how this process will work. For those who are debating, the online process was super simple. You fill out an online form that basically auto-populates the I-130 PDF form that we all are familiar with and you get a download-able PDF version all filled out at the end. You are allowed to upload all you evidence as pdf or jpeg files. I did pdfs. I didn't have an issue with page/file limits as some others are mentioning but my longest file (relationship timeline) was only 9 pages long. We had the paper application all ready to go but I liked the idea of security in knowing that all the materials that were sent had arrived and I wouldn't have to stress about that.
    We filed and received an IOE number and notification that our case had be accepted for review the very next day. On the case status, it says that our case is "being processed at our Integrated Operating Env location". Not sure what this means but have reached out for clarification. Will let you know what I hear.
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    Austin reacted to Ollie7 in Filing I-130 online   
    Hello Hannah,
    That's great to hear! Were you able to submit evidence of the marriage with it online? (e.g pictures of you together, social media posts, rent contracts with both names on etc.) And if so how did you do it?
    Thank you!
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    Austin got a reaction from Ramona M in I-130 can now be filed online   
    This is a good one because after filling the form,we just wait to be called for biometrics and after that approval and they send your file electronically to NVC like immediately, nothing like waiting like forever to get a case number.
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    Austin reacted to Cathi in Admin Processing and Second Visit to Embassy   
    When my husband was in AP in Amman I contacted the immigration liaison from our US Senator's office to inquire on his behalf, which he did. The consulate told the liaison there was no timeline as to how long AP would last and that the they would call him for his passport when then were done, which they did. The liaison told us specifically not to inquire more than once every two weeks as to not push them into making a rash decision before the background checks were finished.
    I would not get too caught up in the details of the questions asked at the interview. I was at the interview with my husband and they asked me a few questions, as well. One of them was "did his brother(who's a US citizen that I had never met), pay me to marry my husband?" They also asked me several times why my ex-husband still had a cable/internet bill delivered to my address. (My cable bill was still in my ex's name because he worked for the cable company and he received cable/internet for free. He never cancelled it because we have children together and he wanted to help me financially)Don't ask me how the consulate knew about the bill, but they did, and they accepted my explanation. Either way, a few weeks later the consulate called my husband and asked him to send his passport so they could issue the visa.
    Even though I know it's difficult, try not to worry. It is rare that anyone is denied in Amman unless there is blatant fraud. My husband and I had every red flag in the book and we were easily approved. Not only were we approved easily but never at any point during the entire process from the petition stage---up to and including naturalization, did we even receive an RFE. Which is very rare for anyone from any country, especially for a couple with so many red flags. Take a deep breath and just allow AP to finish on it's own. I'm sure you'll be approved soon and don't contact them more than once every two weeks. In all my years on VJ, I've never seen anyone stuck in AP for more than a few months in Amman, my husband was one of them.
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    Austin got a reaction from Horty in 221G question   
    AP can take as long as it takes... No one can really tell you when yours will be over, could be days, weeks, months or even years.... Good luck on your journey!
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    Austin got a reaction from geowrian in Revoked K1 visa after issued   
    You should be contacting NVC to get a new case number for Lagos Nigeria because I'm sure by now, they r aware of your situation, embassy in Lagos can't use Cyprus's case number for Lagos.... You'll be fine as long as you do the needful and fast.... Good luck!
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    Austin reacted to Mococatx in US Visa Interview with a 221G Administrative Processing Result   
    So we had sent our additional documents June 4 and I received an email stating they were received
    We heard nothing from them and I waited the 60 days (that I read about somewhere but don't remember where now) and contacted them asking if there was anything else needed and when we might expect an answer.
    They replied saying that they never received the documents.  🤦‍♀️
    Resent the documents last Friday, received another email saying they were received Monday and got a phone call from them today saying they were getting ready to approve the visa.  My fiancé has also received an email asking that he send in his passport to receive the visa.  He insists on hand delivering it!  lol
    So two months of waiting for nothing, basically, but everything is finally resolving!  No more Now we can !
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    Austin reacted to Loren Y in Will I be denied   
    Brittney Spears got married and divorced in 24 hours. LOL,  actually I think it was annulled, but a one day marriage is possible.
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    Austin got a reaction from Zaczon in Sealed Brown Packet   
    But he stated he was asking on behalf of a friend who isn't on VJ.....
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    Austin reacted to portorusa in Department of State Sent Case to USCIS For Review 2019   
    Africa is a continent, not a country.
    Please do not use capital letters as it is considered SCREAMING. Thanks!
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    Austin reacted to SunflowerSweet in FIANCEE ACTING-UP AFTER K1 VISA WAS GRANTED   
    The literal creation of this thread is  the OP questioning his own ex and looking for a way to circumvent her wishes in order to still move to the US.
    Not really sure how you missed that correlation.
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    Austin reacted to Timona in FIANCEE ACTING-UP AFTER K1 VISA WAS GRANTED   
    Waiting on the OP to give feedback. 
    OP being Nigerian,  I won't be surprised if he attempts to get to the States and go AWOL, basically to use this opportunity as entry. 
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    Austin reacted to Jorgedig in Consular Keep Changing   
    Concerned about?  You know that Visa Journey is not in any way connected to the US government, right?
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    Austin got a reaction from Kanwal Haqqi in Did they keep the passport after giving you 221(g)?   
    They give me back my passport and gave me 221g to submit joint sponsor.... There was someone who got 221g, passport returned and he submitted the required documents same day and after 3days he was called to drop of passport... We r good! I'm sure soon you'd be called to drop of passport for visa issuance
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    Austin reacted to Paul & Mary in Newbie here in a panic! London Embassy closing??   
    Well we were at war with them. I think we can come up some reasons to do so again.   They drive on the wrong side of the road, spell words wrong like colour and labour.
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    Austin reacted to Greenbaum in Status still shows "Ready" even after interview   
    Failure to understand that the bald guy has the gold and he gets to make the rules could end up going wrong very fast. If you want that visa, and as harsh is is going to sound, your going to need to jump as high as he says. You're on the edge here. What you do, or not do or say or not say will impact the outcome. Secure the information that he is asking for in the 221(g) and return it neatly and organized and I would bet you're going to see that visa.
    Im just trying to extend some advice. Take it or leave it. I hope you secure your visa so the two of you can build a relationship together.  Good luck.
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    Austin got a reaction from mac_skendy in Interview result   
    Good day everyone,
    I had my interview done after I was rescheduled, at the end of the interview, the Co said he'd need some documents from me and he handed me my passport back with a letter and he said after I send the documents, they will review and email me to send my passport, but this letter is quite different.... I'd attach the letter so I can get more info.

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    Austin got a reaction from Mike E in FRAUD MARRIAGE   
    You are not a problem at least I love the idea to get
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    Austin got a reaction from Carpe Vinum in FRAUD MARRIAGE   
    You are not a problem at least I love the idea to get
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    Austin reacted to B-B in Necessary administrative processing!????   
    Hi Everybody!
    I got my casenumber on the 28th of August and last night I received an email from the NVC saying this:
    "This petition is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. You will be notified with further instructions when the processing is complete."
    On the Case tracker it still says that my case is at the NVC...
    Did somebody have the same experience or does somebody knows what this means?
    I am really scared that this will delay my visa big time!
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    Austin reacted to TBoneTX in Wife going home without green card   
    This is mature, long-range, highly commendable thinking.
    We can't want something for other people more than they want it themselves.
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