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  1. hey! sorry for taking so long to reply. We put "yes" on Q. 38. Good luck!
  2. Unless you get approved on the spot which was our case.
  3. I'd call USCIS just to make sure it won't be a big deal. :)
  4. It's an automated message. You can disable it on settings.
  5. That's what I was suspecting it to be
  6. They will message you within days saying your card was mailed to you. From my experience, I'd say 1 week after your interview, if you were approved on the spot, you'll get your GC.
  7. That's nice that you were able to change it before! In Phoenix they seem very strict about the ways should be.
  8. Congrats! Did you change your name? I'm just asking because I did and I had to change with SS office first, receive my card with new name and theeeen go to the DMV.
  9. My status changed to we are producing your card a few hours after we left the interview. Then a day later it changed to we approved your case.
  10. I got my green card with the picture I took at the biometrics. I even smiled on that one
  11. Yes. @nanaaalex However they never asked for my marriage license during the interview. I brought it with me though.
  12. Hi guys. For those who asked or were wondering about getting a new SS card, after the Green Card, with the married name and without the wording "DHS work authorization thingy", I went to the SS Office last Friday to request my new card and everything went well. The officer told me it'd arrive in 7 - 10 business days. Luckily, I checked my Informed Delivery this morning and I saw there was a letter coming from the SS Administration. And it was my new card! Now, I just need to change all my docs and get my DL! Yay!
  13. That's amazing! This morning I've received a text message from DHS with the USPS tracking number which said it'd be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday. However, for my surprise my card arrived today in the mail! Also 1 week after my interview!
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