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  1. Bonsoir Julien !


    you know that there is a forum in this website for french , it helped me when I was doing my application 3 years ago .


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    2. hopephilly


      My pleasure Michael 😊👍



      This is what he should do :


      Once he gets the email for his medical appointment , he will need to email the doctor ( required by the embassy ) to make an appointment . Then the doc's office will send him an email with some prescriptions for his blood work and X-ray ( he has to t'dobtjel before he goes to the appointment ) and they will remind him to see his doctor to make sure that he has all the vaccines ( they will send him the list of the vaccines and other documents for his X-ray ) .

      for the blood work, they will send him the lab's address where he sill have to go ( walk in )and the lab will send the result to the doctor .

      i hope thus info will help .

      hood luck and keep in touch :) 

    3. JBMG


      I see that you can your US citizenship. How long did that take from application to citizenship? How much does it cost? 

    4. hopephilly


      I sent my application in April 22 and my fingerprint appointment is 6/21 ( next Wednesday ). The cost is 725 $