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  1. As a note, my wife did email the consulate at Paris but didn't want to call their emergency line and this is the message we received when the office opened monday morning. Glad I didn't wait and go that route first! Strange gray area, indeed... Thank you for your inquiry. If your spouse filed for adjustment of status in the United States and was travelling with an advance parole/temporary card that were stolen, he may not qualify for a boarding foil as he is not yet a permanent resident. You may inquire after U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Officers based at U.S. Embassy Rome, Italy regarding his current status, . https://it.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/rome/sections-offices/dhs/uscis/contacts/ If USCIS confirms that he is entitled to apply for a boarding foil at U.S. Embassy Paris, he will need to make an appointment on the following website https://ais.usvisa-info.com Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Visa Unit U.S. Embassy Paris, France Official - Privacy/PII UNCLASSIFIED
  2. Thank you everyone! Got in late last night after about 40 hours of traveling, on an original 16 hour itinerary! We got really luck - the airlines were our biggest hurdle as they had no idea what to do with me and many of the managers interrogated me quite rudely and aggressively, acting as if I was trying to run some sort of scam. Kept a cool head and tried to be as polite as possible and eventually was cleared at each airport, always just minutes after the next flight was closed to boarding! In the US it was a breeze. Everyone was nice and verified my paperwork without hesitation - I was anticipating that to be the hardest element but it was no worries there. The immigration officers laughed about my experience but didn't express any concern. I always carry copies of just about every receipt and approval notice I've received, along with a copy of my EAD card (that saved me) so would caution everyone to do the same!
  3. Will provide an update when we have one. He actually decided to take a shot at making his flight, after about 4 hours of questioning/processing/confusion they cleared him from the flight from Paris. However, he had missed the direct flight home so they decided to route him through London. In London he was almost sent back again, but after a few hours they sent him on a flight. He of course missed the direct flight home and but will be at a port of entry this evening - we will see if he is admitted. Then will be routed home. Fortunately the airlines keep rebooking him after he's been held by immigration. Painful waiting game... Any advice is appreciated! Great advice. If he's sent back, we will aim for Frankfurt and see what can be done!
  4. Everything I have seen online says that Boarding Foils are only for LPR. As I am AOS, do you think they will still issue one? Any special appeal process? Searching for phone numbers but because it is outside of operating hours the emergency lines says it's for things like, kidnapping and hospitalization?
  5. Thank you, it is actually a horrible situation because we have our greencard interview scheduled for next week in the US and so I certainly don't want to be abroad and miss it. Really don't know how to solve this quickly.
  6. Today at the airport, my EAD card was lost while checking into my flight to Paris. I have a flight in the morning from Paris to the US and no longer have my EAD card. After multiple attempts to find it and file a police report I haven't been able to locate it. I have photocopies of my ead card, my advance parole approval notice, pending AOS receipt notice, marriage license and original K-1 visa on me. What can I do? Can I still board my plane to the US and what are my options if not? My wife is in the US and can go to our local uscis office or anything that can help. Anyone have any ideas how to solve this??