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  1. Hey Andsco....I've seen your posts on the AOS Seattle thread, and saw that you got your interview notification via text message a couple weeks ago.  My wife's biometrics was completed 12 days after yours, so hopefully we'll get word soon.

    I just wanted to know what time of the day did you receive your text message notification?  Later in the evening?  Early morning?  I asked Rhemalove the same question, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet.

    Thanks, congrats, and good luck with your interview!

    1. Andsco


      Well the day that I got the sms, it was late around 7-8pm. It literally said that we got an update on our case and when I checked the website it said that I got an interview date and to wait for the letter. I see you got your NOA1 some days after me (I believe I am on the 1st August and you are 19th August) so I would guess you'll get it soon (I seriously hope they didn't stop again like they did for me back in April). Just hang in there and you'll see how quick it happens!!

    2. KimchiLumpia


      Awesome! Thanks for the info....it amazes me how slowly the Seattle location is moving on AOS cases.  I was looking at a timeline from a VJ member from Columbus Ohio.  They literally got their interview 3 months after they filed for their AOS.  They applied for AOS in Sept 2017, got their interview in mid Dec 2017, and received their green card in early Jan 2018.  

      Really fast!  

      Just keeping patient and hopeful!  I'll definitely update in the Seattle AOS post once we get our interview date.

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