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    AfrobabeUK reacted to dawning in Divorce before 2 years   
    I am kind of surprised at the responses OP is getting here.  When a USC posts that his/her immigrant spouse is cheating after a few months of marriage usually they get responses like "good thing you found out about it now, before xyz".  But here the immigrant has been betrayed and several people are telling her she should go home or criticizing her for not having a job, even though it doesn't sound like she has been authorized to work for very long.
    There were a lot of supportive answers as well.  But the critical ones make me feel like there is a double standard operating.   Why would that be?
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    AfrobabeUK reacted to Texas stylist in USC Marriage Fraud experience and what would I do different   
    This topic is very interesting but I’m going to give you some perspective. My friend married an American born man. Dated for 5 years and was married for 10. The man had a whole other life with another woman and kids. Had a home across country with this woman and because his job had him travel he got away with it for 10 years until he was in an accident in the city with his other family and they contacted his wife. When everything came out he tried to take everything from my friend and swore he would rather give it to lawyers than her since she wanted to divorce him. They have 5 kids and he has 4 kids with the other woman. She had know this man from college so I’m saying this to say to label a liar and a cheat just on foreign men or women is wrong. There are bad people that do bad things everywhere. Just my 2 cents! 
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    AfrobabeUK reacted to Nevad@ in USC Marriage Fraud experience and what would I do different   
    If there is this phobia of getting scammed then the person should just stay away from a foreigner. There are hundreds of ways to observe and learn the person you fell in love with, and if they are adult enough to go through a very not easy and looooong process of K1 and all the waiting and costs it takes, then they should be adult enough to know who they are about to marry. imo
    Someone mentioned giving a 1 year period for "trial" rather than 90 days, well that is a little wrong... People leave their lives behind- families, friends, jobs, future plans, some even leave their school...Just to go and live for a year or less then get sent back like a box if something does not work, something that may not even be their fault?  I have a great job in my country right now and experience, way better than an average job I could land in the US so for people like me it really cost something. Besides, the whole process of obtaining a visa to enter the country takes long enough to see if the relationship works out. 
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    AfrobabeUK reacted to -Trinity- in USC Marriage Fraud experience and what would I do different   
    Why don't you stick just to an American partner? No one makes you get into a relationship with a foreigner after all.
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    AfrobabeUK reacted to Grant PDX in USC Marriage Fraud experience and what would I do different   
    You are limited to 2 fiance visa petitions in your lifetime, after that it requires a waiver.  I just had my 4th petition approved (one of them never made to visa issuance as I cancelled it between petition approval and arriving at the foreign consulate).  My fiance now is scheduled to interview next Tuesday.  My first foreign spouse wasn't a scam, we have 2 children together and were married 5 years when she decided it wasn't what she wanted.  I currently have custody of the kids but she's very much a part of their (our) life.  My second foreign fiance, after nearly a year online and 15 days together admitted she had another boyfriend, only after she get pregnant by him - petition approved but cancelled.  Third foreign fiance happened while I was still emotionally ransacked by the second.  We were a horrible fit, realized it after getting married (ok, in fairness, there were signs prior to marriage, I was just blind to them).  Not saying she was a scammer but ultimately our relationship (me) couldn't withstand her dishonesty and jealousy.  Fourth fiance was a friend long ago.  We became friends, lost contact when we both had marriages that fell apart eventually, reconnected and realized we could be more than friends so we decided to venture down this path, yet again.  I wouldn't do this again with someone who wasn't already a friend first.  It's too hard when you can't tell what is what because during the "dating" period everyone wears a mask.
    Side note, my sister and her husband lived together for 3 years prior to marriage.  Both at different times have commented to me how much things changed after marriage.  They both felt the other changed significantly, even after a 5 year relationship with 3 years living together.  Sometimes marriages fail not because of scams, but because things change, people change.
    Yes, I do believe there are scammers.  Yes, America is perceived by many as the land of milk and honey.  Many of us (primarily those from 3rd world countries, not necessarily western Europe and other wealthy countries) would fight to get here if we weren't already here, yet we judge others who do.  Whether a person is from the USA, Africa, Asia, or anywhere else money has an allure and people are attracted to it.  It doesn't mean they're a scammer.  Wealth is power, generally people are attracted to power.  People almost universally would prefer more money over less money.  It's when they lie, cheat, and steal that it's an issue.  Just because someone is from Thailand, Philippines, Ethiopia, or Sudan doesn't make them dishonest.  Just because someone is from the USA, Canada, the UK or Japan doesn't make them honest.  Good and bad can be found anywhere.  Unfortunately the money difference causes a lot of problems, but desire for money doesn't make someone bad; lying, cheating and stealing do.
    My $.02.
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    AfrobabeUK reacted to neoblast in transfer funds to the US   
    You should try WorldRemit https://www.worldremit.com/en/United-States. I have been using them to transfer money between the US and Canada for the past year. They have a flat fee of $3.99 and max transfer of $40k. 
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