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  1. I still clearly remember the day when my husband (well, he was my fiancé back then) mailed out our K1 package. I can feel the excitement even 5 years after! Best of luck to you!
  2. I'm about to file I-90 (application to replace permanent resident card) and even though I did read the instructions on the USCIS website, I'm quite confused about several questions. To make things clear, I do have a 10 year green card (long story short: K1 visa in 2014, AOS in 2015, ROC in 2017, got 10 yr green card in 2018 - see my timeline). Anyway, onto the questions. Part 1. , 14. Class of Admission - what do I write here, CF1 or IF1? CF1 was on my 2 yr conditional green card, IF1 is on my 10 yr green card. 15. Date of Admission - is this the "Resident since" date on my green card? Or is it the date when my 10 yr green card was issued? Part 3., 1. Location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status: I came to the U.S. with a nonimmigrant visa (K1) so this question is about my AOS. What do I write here? Chicago Lockbox (I believe this is where I mailed the package) or National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, MO (this is where my green card was produced) or Kansas City, MO (my local USCIS office where I had my fingerprint appointment)? 2. Location where your immigrant visa was issued or USCIS office where you were granted adjustment of status: What do I write here? My local USCIS office is in Kansas City, MO but I never had an AOS interview because it was waived, I only went there once to get my fingerprints taken. My green card was sent from National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, MO. Thank ou for answering!
  3. Wow, my case status has just changed from "Card Was Mailed To Me" to "Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service" and I also got a tracking number. I'm so excited!
  4. Thank you! I hope that your case will get approved real soon too!
  5. Update: Just received my actual I-751 approval notice (NOA2) in the mail today - it is dated 10/25/2018 and that's my actual approval date too
  6. Today I received an email notification stating that my USCIS case status has changed - "Card Was Mailed To Me"!! Finally the wait is over! 😊😊 NOA1 07/26/2017 CSC WAC17298, have not applied for citizenship yet (I will soon though, now that my I-751 is approved 😃)
  7. I saw that you got approved but that's why I said "mainly"... July is far from done
  8. From what I see mainly early July filers (I'm talking about CSC) have been approved so far
  9. WAC17298 (07/26/2017 NOA1, CSC) still waiting. I have not applied for N400 yet
  10. Congrats to everyone who has been approved! CSC 07/26/2017 NOA1 (WAC17298) here and still waiting
  11. July 2017 CSC filer here. I haven't posted in a while but I just received my 18 month extension letter today (mine is dated 08/18/2018).
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