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    tattoos, art, traveling, painting, volunteering, cooking, movies, eating, kittens. Notice the importance of Oxford commas, not in that particular order.

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    I met my husband online, in May 2016. I was visiting Austin on vacation and hanging out with friends. We went on a date and that was it, he is the most amazing man I've ever met. I came back to Mexico when my time was up, and he visited me and met my parents in October, and he proposed. We got married in January 2017 in Cozumel, and continue to wait for our approval, going strong.

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  1. When we started the immigration process, we thought it was going to take us about a year. It's such a long time! we thought, how funny, how naive of us; how far away early 2017 feels now.

    Now as we reach the 10-month mark and we haven't yet been approved, (hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks) we've had to rethink and restrategize. We've had to bitterly let go the thought of me being there in March, and hope for the summer instead.  


    I've dealt with a vast array of emotions, including: sadness, anger, hopelessness, and resentment. I've thought and done things I regretted, things I'm not proud. I've learned so much about myself and others.

    This process has a way of breaking you down, testing your relationship and yourself and taking you to the limit,  I'm actually incredibly grateful for it. 


    In 2017:

    I got married  

    I  boarded a total of 16 planes

    Partied with friends in the gorgeous Havana Cuba

    Enjoyed the spring with my husband in Vancouver

    Achieved my long teenage dream of visiting Tokyo

     Volunteered with lovable elephants in Thailand

    Gave my first art therapy seminar against bullying

    Visited Oaxaca: food and mezcal with my husband 

    Donated more tattoos for breast cancer awareness 

    Spent a lot of time at the beach, relaxing and reading


    And I'm going to spend the holidays at the beach with my family, including my husband. He is visiting for a full month.


    It's easy to fixate on the long, tedious and emotionally taxing immigration journey, but honestly? My year was friggin' amazing overall. 



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