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  1. I think cases are varied from different field offices so I'm not sure if for my daughter case, they will mail out the certificate or we will be required to go to an interview (not like our n400 but they will be checking the documents I submitted and verify information). And yes the reason why i applied for N600 is I wanna complete her status as US Citizen in USCIS system so there will be no problems in the future. I was mainly concerned if moving abroad would affect the process/result and if a friend can receive the certificate for us while we are away.
  2. Hi everyone, I submitted n600 application for my 3 year old in the beginning of April. We went in for biometric in early May and since then haven't heard anything from USCIS regarding when the certificate would be issue or when we will need to show up for an interview. We are planning to travel back home for a few months and moving to another country in the upcoming months. Is it ok for us to travel/move abroad while n600 is still pending? My daughter already has her US passport. I called USCIS to inquire about the case but the agent said if it's not out of normal processing time (here in boston is 13 months), then there's really nothing they can tell me differently than what it says on my account online (which is in process and we have no idea when it's gonna go through). Another question is if we move abroad, can I change our current address to someone's address that can help us receive letters and notice from USCIS? Of course we will fly back if they schedule an appointment. And in case they are mailing the certificate to the address provided, would I have to be there to receive the mail or not? Thanks for your help in advance!
  3. I think if he's over 14, he can go by himself. it mentioned in the appointment letter that kids who are 14 and under that is accompanied by parent etc....so I'm pretty sure you dont have to be there with him.
  4. I've contacted the my daughter's daycares and ask them to provide some records, I also get her medical record from the doctor. As you you/ourselves, what did you submit? Would tax, bank statement and lease be sufficient enough. My lease doesn't have my daughter's name on there though so I wasn't sure if it's ok.
  5. I've read through many posts regarding this topic and there are always ppl who oppose/support getting N-600. I personally want to play on the safe side and get it for my child. Thank you for your advice though. Do you have any ideas/answers on those questions from my original post?
  6. I am aware of this. I just want to get it over with now for my daughter so we don't have to worry about it later on. Plus the fee already double since 2016, who knows how much it would increase to 2 years from now.
  7. She's living in America with me and she was admitted as NA-3 baby and became LPR the date she arrived in the US in 03/2017
  8. She's living in America with me and she was admitted as NA-3 baby and became LPR the date she arrived in the US in 03/2017
  9. Hi everyone, I was recently naturalized and is in the process of filling out N-600 for my daughter (2.5 years old), who gets derived citizenship from me. There are a few things regarding the documents and requirements on the form that I'm not so sure about. Hopefully some of you that have already done this would be able to help. Here are my questions: - My daughter birth certificate: She has an International Birth Certificate (English available on this certificate with other languages such as French, Spanish...as well). I requested this version when we were in Germany (all info are extracted from her original German BC). Can I submit this version? Or USCIS would want the German BC with certified and notarized translation? - My birth certificate: I have a Vietnamese BC certified copy that was translated in Vietnam couple of years ago. Do you know if USCIS could accept this, or it has to be translated from someone in America? - On N-600 instruction paper where it say What Evidence You Must Submit: Item 11 - Proof of Required Residence or Physical Presence. Any document that proves the U.S citizen parent’s residence or physical presence in the United States. This proof may include, but is not limited to the following: School, employment, or military records; Deeds, mortgages, or leases showing residence; Attestations by churches, unions, or other organizations; U.S. Social Security quarterly reports; and Affidavits of third parties having knowledge of the residence and physical presence. As far as I understand, this portion applies to me (which is the applicant's US Citizen Parent). Does this mean USCIS just want to know if U.S Citizen Parent is currently residing in the US? Is there a time frame or total amount of time for these documents( I.E evidence for 1,2 years). Is it sufficient if I just submit my most 4 recent paystubs so they know I am living and working in America? However, when I asked one of my acquaintance attorney, she said this part doesn't applied to me since it is related to Part 6. Physical Presence in the United States From Birth Until Filing of Form N-600 on the actual form. I kept reading over and over the instruction and I have a feeling the attorney I asked maybe is saying the wrong thing, but also she has done so many cases and she must know what she's doing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and help. Maybe this will help someone later as well.
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