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  1. Salam to both, I am american and my fiance (male) is from Skikda, Algeria. We are in our second month after NOA 1 and we are getting ready for the next step.


    We are wondering how your interview go in Algiers?  What kind of questions they asked you? How long it took you guys to get the visa after the interview? Also, do you need to have the engagement rings on or off during the interview? Hahaha as you can see, we have several questions. 


     Happy Friday!!! 

    1. We did it

      We did it



      The interview process went really smooth for us since I speak fluent english and we had a large binder filled with evidence of our engagement and proof of our relationship. My wife has been to Algeria three times and we saved all of the documents and pictures to use in our evidence which we referenced at the interview. You can expect to be asked any kind of questions and very personal questions such as what's her favorite color, what she does for a living and about her family members and their jobs. The  most important thing is that if you speak very good English. And of course wear your engagement rings why would you not. Plus you will want pictures from your engagement party to show as evidence as well and pictures with different family members in them not just you two. 


      Good Luck! 

    2. Zjazzy


      Thank you very much!  This is very good information for us. My fiance MO is the one in Algeria and  his English is very good as well. I will be there with him at his interview in Algiers when the time comes. I will send an email to the embassy to see if they let me attend. Some people say that is not good to wear the rings because the CO might think we are married.  That was my concern about that, but if you advice me the other way, then we will wear them. One more question, how long it took you to get your visa after the interview? Do they stamp it on the passport? :)

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