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  1. Yeah I have them both. Thank you pushbrk
  2. OK back again. Just to make sure I made it the right way. I got my visa valid for four months and my passport has four month validity. Anyway, I have renewed it and the old one has been annulled cause I got my new passport. So my visa is on my old passport. Does it make any complications for my at the CBP holding both the old (which was annulled and has the visa) and the new one? I know I did the right way but I'm a little concerned. Tnx in advance
  3. Thank you for the help. I got to know how cause they delivered a paper along with the packet explaining how to do that. Tnx
  4. Hi everyone. I just got my visa! Yay! My wife and I have been perplexed regarding the fees of a green card and whether we need to file any forms after getting the visa! We need to know about the fees needed and since I got my IV will I get my green card automatically there without filing any forms? And will I have to file form I-864 again there? And will I get work permit without having the green card first? Please don't direct me to any website I need an explanation here. Thank you in advance.
  5. First Tnx for sharing your point of view. I can't extend my passport to add over for my unfortunate I'm not Lebanese. Just got a special case. However, I have applied for a new passport and waiting also in case of a visa one can hold the two passports new and old one even with invalidity of the old passport. I had a friend who has just travelled with two passports the old one which has the visa on and with invalidity and the new one! Still works. Tnx
  6. Thank you. I have already applied for a new passport but unfortunately since I have a special case my passport takes so long time to get issued. However, it's a bit complicated. I appreciate your help. 👍
  7. Hi, I have been looking for a definite answer regarding my passport. I will be getting my visa soon hopefully and my passport is valid for 4 months after that. My question is can I travel with an immigrant visa and passport valid for 4 months? Please I need to know. Any reply is appreciated.
  8. Hello. I have been seeking a trustworthy answer for my question that I can be sure of. I'm expecting to get my IV immigrant visa for a spouse in a month or so by then I will have 4 months left in my passport to expire! My question is can I use my Passport which has 4 months validity to travel with an immigrant visa? I could have renewed it but renewal takes so much time. Any reply would be much appreciated thank you in advance
  9. Sorry I mean 4 months. Will I have any problem?
  10. Hi sir. Since your last help which I appreciated so much, I have one more question. My passport still have 5 months validity, can I use it to travel to us with an immigrant visa?
  11. Just for anyone got to experience the same case. I have submitted the form along with w2 and tax return today and the form was accepted although it was printed on both sides front and back. Thank you for the help 😊
  12. OK sir I really appreciate your help and I believe the income is well over since its almost 60k. I just hope there won't be any complications. Thank you so much 😁
  13. OK I was asked by the embassy to fill out a new affidavit of support and get tax Return Of 2016 and w2 for my sponsor along with a proof of citizenship. By the way I'm the applicant 😁
  14. I have got the form I-864 filled out and tax Return Of 2016 and w2 and a copy of my joint sponsor's passport. Is it alright to submit?
  15. Hi everyone. I have been trying to find an answer to my question regarding the form I-864. I got the form sent by my friend who is helping me and sponsoring. I explained to my friend everything needed for this matter. However, when I received the form I checked it out and found that all the 12 pages needed were printed out on 6 papers and each paper were printed on both side like front and back so the front one page and the back is the second page that follows and so on. Plus nobarcode printed but my wife told me wasn't necessary since they don't scan it. The question is that is it okay to submit the form that way? I mean everything is filled out neatly and all information is there but each paper printed on both sides including two pages of the form. One more question is that the tax transcript and w2 are copies is that okay? Any reply is much appreciated I need to know I have been waiting for more than a month to receive the papers and don't have much time. Tnx