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  1. Manda16

    Cairo consulate interview

    So happy for you! I got a letter today too - December 19!!! I hope the rest of you received one as well My husband's name is very misspelled on the letter - should I call NVC and have them fix it?
  2. Manda16

    Cairo consulate interview

    Thanks @tawakol. @Mady @Allison and Ahmed @Sdkmu keep us posted if you hear anything. I will do the same! Wishing everyone a speedy process.
  3. Manda16

    Cairo consulate interview

    I am still waiting too - CC Sep 17
  4. Yeah I will definitely do that. No, only an email that there was an updated to our case, and the only thing that changed was that a document we resubmitted was approved. That's when I called to confirm a case complete and they told me we didn't have one, even though all of our documents had been approved. There were no messages on CEAC or emails. Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I will call again on Monday. Fingers crossed!
  5. Congratulations! Quick question - was there a delay between when your documents were accepted and cc? All of my documents said accepted and my case status says "At NVC", but I called NVC and they said I DON'T have a case complete. The guy said all of my documents are approved but my case is not complete. When I asked him how that was possible, he didn't have an answer. He said I need to wait 3 weeks from the date that my last document was submitted. I don't have any messages in the system. Anyway, was your cc immediate?
  6. Hah, we have been going through this for a month and they finally accepted it today! Thanks the tip. Did you get an interview scheduled yet? I am so sorry to hear that - I hope things go very quickly for you! I know how heartbreaking this is at the end of a long process - we went all the way through the fiance visa process before getting married and starting over. I don't know about AP either - I think it varies quite a lot. Did you attend the interview with your husband? Also, how long did it take after all of your documents were accepted at NVC to get an interview scheduled?
  7. I had the same experience. Very frustrating. Good luck to you!
  8. Hi All! All of our documents were submitted and approved just fine, except for our marriage certificate. They said it is from the wrong issuing agency (even though it is the original, official, appropriately copy). My husband went to the office listed on the Dept. of State document reciprocity page, and they said that they do not issue marriage certificates and this information is incorrect. I submitted a letter explaining the situation, and NVC is taking longer to review than they did for all of our other documents. On the phone they gave their standard 3 weeks spiel, and said that the office listed is the only place to get the document from. We of course want to submit a valid document and get on with our case, but they have left us no options to do that. Any advice? Anyone else, particularly from Egypt, find a marriage certificate from that office? Thank you!
  9. I am sorry if this has been asked before. Our case is at NVC and everything was going smoothly until they deemed our marriage certificate invalid (all of our other documents were accepted). We got married in an Egyptian Embassy outside of Egypt, and submitted the original, notarized certificate issued at the time of our marriage, along with an English translation. We went to the state department document reciprocity site, and my husband went to the office where they said acceptable marriage certificates are in Cairo to get a new one. The office said they don't issue marriage certificates (even though my husband showed them the state department website directing people there). I submitted a letter with a description of this situation and called the NVC a few times last week. They say I have to wait up to 3 more weeks for them just to review the letter. At this point we are very concerned, particularly because the document they deemed unacceptable is our valid, notarized marriage certificate. Any other Egypt filers out there run into problems with the marriage certificate? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I don't know, but you are lucky! My status says I need to mail in civil documents, even though I have a PIVOT case and submitted them online. The NVC person on the phone assured me everything was submitted 8/16, but still waiting for CC.
  11. Thank you! Yeah, it almost makes up for hearing nothing for 7 months from NOA 1 to NOA 2. Good luck to you!
  12. Start calling! I felt the same as you, but to my surprise, I got a case number by email today, and NVC received my case on July 17th! When I called them after they received it using option 7, they told me to call back and choose option 5 because my case is electronic. They should know at this point. Good luck to you and everyone else on here!
  13. Thanks! Good luck to you too.
  14. Called NVC tonight and my case just arrived Tuesday - almost a month for my case to get from to NVC, and now another 8 weeks + wait for the case number The guy on the phone said my case was electronic and that those are moving a little faster for a case number.