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    i never meant i will find my true love in distance, now that i found him im willing to take the risk and live with him in america. my interests is to only be with him and spend the rest of my life.

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    i ask him to write our story :) --->>> Nick.. So my journey began after a separation of a previous long term relationship. Things just got bad and made me think it was time to try something new. I have friends here in the USA that have foreign wives or are foreigners themselves. I have always seen how happy they are and how different their values and morals are compared to many others from here in the USA. I figured you only have e one life and now might be a chance to look for love somewhere I never tried before Nick Williams Nick I started looking in the internet for reviews on dating websites. I decided on making a profile on DateinAsia. So I uploaded a few pictures and added some basic info, then the hunt was on. I was messaging a few different women that caught my eye with their beauty I sent a few brief messages stating my name and where I was from and gave out my email address so we could talk easier on Facebook messenger Nick Williams Nick One of these women was Chea May Reyes Pandaan. At first we started talking but wasn't sure if she had much interest in me other than just chatting. She messaged me sporadically at first. A couple messages here and there, then we would go a few days of not talking then we would talk some more. Nick Williams Nick In between that time another woman messaged me and caught my interest but soon found out that she was just too immature and not serious . I was even talking with Chea about her at the time. I soon realized what type of person Chea was. We talked about many things and it helped me get to know her better and realized that she is a good hearted young woman and has strong family values, which are important to me. Nick Williams Nick So as time went on we talked for hours through text and some video chat about our interests, our previous relationship history, values, religion, family, hobbies, and many other things you want to know about a person to see if there is a connection While talking with her daily now I had realized what an amazing woman she is. She also had a lot of interest in me. Nick Williams Nick I opened up to her telling her many things about me and being completely honest with her so she knew everything going on in my life currently and in my past. I figured honesty, trust, and open communication is the only way this will work and want her to not be surprised later by some other issues Nick Williams Nick I soon wrote her an email asking her if she was serious and felt the way that I do about her and if she was ready to commit to a long distance relationship with me We have already talked about future plans of me traveling there to spend time with her and her family once things settle down here in my daily life It will give us quality time physically together to make sure we are truly compatible We have also discussed our future together if everything goes as planned with Chea and I applying for paperwork to come live here in the USA with myself and applying for marriage and citizenship for her at that time, So if everything goes as planned we will need any advice on how to file the proper paperwork so that we can limit the distance between us and enjoy a happy life together for many years.

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