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  1. Approved!!! Interview date was 2222018 - this was a deliberate choice of interview date on our part. Our first interview date was supposed to be on 27 February but I and my dear Fiance (soon to be Husband ) , got quite impatient, so we decided to move it about 4 days advance (excluding weekends). Appointment time: 6:40 am - I highly recommend this to those who will do their interview in US Embassy Manila, Philippines Interview Process; 1 hour Consular Interview (Final Interview) A young American Consular who exuded a positive aura, smiled often, and very respectful interviewed us and it took about 15 minutes - as we are K1 K2s (two derivatives) who will fly with me this mid March. Pre-screening stage- longest/toughest stage - All Filipinos. We never had any hard time at all, but I saw, and heard right before my eye, and my two boys also saw and heard what transpired with between the applicants and the Pre-Screeners' Windows and from the feedback of those applicants who shared their feelings while we all sat waiting for 7:30 Final Interview with the Consular Officer, how they were asked. There are microphones and loud speakers at the interview windows so you could hear almost everything. This provided quite a good opportunity for others waiting for their turns to anticipate possible questions. You need to be really prepared, if not more than prepared with all your documents and what not. Stay calm and focused, listen well to the question as they may be tricky. It's drama, action, real-life events happening all simultaneously!!!
  2. 2222018- INTERVIEW DATE- APPROVED!!! K1/K2 (2 derivatives), thanks a ton dear members.
  3. MsRL825

    DS-160 Questions

    Hello, may I ask what did you decide to do about your DS 160 during your interview last year at the US Embassy Manila? I paid, and scheduled my interview, but I feel that my DS 160 which I already submitted had minor lapses.
  4. MsRL825

    DS-160 Questions

    Hello, I know this is last year's post, but may I know if this holds true for the latest visa application at the US Embassy Manila. I read different at at times conflicting posts regarding DS160. A little background of my concern, and please reply if I TRULY NEED TO REDO- SUBMIT ANOTHER DS160 (ibefore my interview this end of Feb, 2018. 1. mother's birth year was entered 1956- instead of 1936, 2. passport issued was MANILA-instead of DFA ASEANA , CITY is PARANAQUE 3. MACAU was not entered in the country I visited because it was included as a side trip tour for a Hong Kong package. 4. very first passport of 1994 was I think kept by my mother (deceased), I never had US Visa, never applied for one, and never been to US. (what should I answer in that DS 160 question for lost/stolen passport) 5. For my K2, i also typed Manila--instead of DFA NCR SOUTH for place of issue of passport.


    Hello , it's me again :)

    in my NBI application-  my maiden name appears and I cannot change it the way my name is written in my passport which is my married name.  1.  I am a widow since 2013, what should it do?  2.  Will I include aka = and this is my married (current name/passport )name?   3.  Will Embassy ask  additional papers why I have aka?  4.  The application also asks the name of my deceased husband-  should I enter his name, or I put N/A?

    (since technically-- I have no husband )

    Please don't get tired of answering to my inquiries....


  6. Hello, 

    Please help me with my concerns:


    1. I already submitted my DS 160 and got confirmation 2 weeks before I even  booked my interview appointment which is on  Feb 27; however upon reviewing my answers I believed I made some lapses: my mother's birth year was typed 1956 instead of 1936; my very first passport way back 1994 was no longer in my possession- whether it was kept my by mother who is dead now, or it was kept by ex-husband who is also dead, I do not have this passport anymore.


    2.  What is the difference between a homemaker and a housewife.  I am a widow ( since 2013), so I suppose I fall under homemaker category- but I am also NOT WORKING-UNEMPLOYED since Nov 2016, and my fiance has been supporting me and my two boys although I do have considerable savings and I have lived a good life even before meeting my fiance because I used to teach abroad for 12 years. What should I click in the DS 160--- is it NOT EMPLOYED or homemaker?


    3.  Am  I allowed to submit a NEW/REVISED DS 160 before my interview date?  What should I do during my interview date?

    Please guide me.


    1. Hank_


      Yes you can complete a new DS-160 then bring the new confirmation page to your interview (toss the old confirmation in the trash).


      Other thoughts and questions:


      Are your boys listed on the I-129F petition, are they applying for a K-2 visa?   If yes, then everything you do must be done in triplicate. (for each child).   Did you setup interview appointments for your boys?


      Do you have a police certificate from the foreign country where you were employed?    Some countries are listed as waiver countries.


      Homemaker/housewife, doesn't really matter, the DS-160 was created for other types of visas, some questions aren't related to the K-1 but you must complete the form never the less ... ;)  

    2. MsRL825


      Hello Sir,


      Many thanks for your reply.  

      Boys- they are listed on our i-129F, and also in our Affidavit of support.  We did 3 DS 160s, and for the interview- the boys will come with me as I paid 3 MRV fees,  in the appointment page of the US Embassy-- it showed 3 applicants.  I do have my police clearances from the foreign countries I used to work in- all originals,  and my NBI is a latest copy. 


      Are my lapses/errors I made  with my  DS 160 all biggies? Or I should let it go, and not do a new DS 160?

  7. MsRL825


    Thank you for reply. It is very helpful.
  8. MsRL825


    Hello, I am K1 with K2s,I already booked at appointment to attend the GCP even without my visa yet. How can I register my 2 boys age 16 and 14 for the required seminar before our flight? The website says I cannot book/register them without the visa; however the slots are so limited and that by the time we get our visa, the days are already fully booked. Please guide me through. TIA
  9. All the very best! We have not received any email as well, and for this reason I am quite apprehensive of scheduling the interview because they will only allow you to reschedule the interview 2x; there were filers here who scheduled their interview but their papers were NOT REVIEWED YET BY THE US EMBASSY MANILA and when they went to US Embassy they were told to reschedule and come back. I would appreciate if you could share how it would be on Monday.
  10. Hi, I and my two boys passed our medical yesterday, got the cd, sealed envelope, and the vaccination worksheet. Hope all is well with you. I am about to schedule our visa appointment in a bit,but I still do not have the email from the USEmbassy Manila, do you think it's fine?
  11. Great!!! Was he contacted by the US Embassy Manila? Did he receive any email from the USEM?
  12. Great!!! Was he contacted by the US Embassy already??? Or did he receive any email from the US Embassy?
  13. hello, i and my 2k2s are done with our medical, passed, and got the brown envelope and cd, and the vaccination worksheet. How did it go for your fiance?
  14. Hello, K1 with 2 K2s here, NOA 1- JUNE 5, NOA2-DEC 08 NVC- received our case Jan 17, NVC- emailed us that our case is at the US Embassy Manila- Jan 25. Ceac- showed READY, we also received a specific log in to access our case, and all info about visa process. This email below directs us to APPLY FOR US VISA in the PHILLIPINES. Dear New Portal User: Your US Travel Documents Customer Portal username and password information is below. To access the online system, enter your username and password into the log-in page. Be sure to enter the two CAPTCHA words exactly as they appear on the screen to validate your information. Thank you, US Travel Documents Customer Support 1. We already paid our MRV fees at BPI, and 2. our Medical is this week or next week.
  15. Hello, i filled up K1 ds 160, and 2 derivatives or 2 k2s, paid visa fees ( one mrv slip for each of us), i went to us embassy website to schedule our interviews but our receipt numbers are not recognized, I think i should wait 4 hrs after paying??? Does it mean that you can only schedule interview once payment has been made??? Our medical will be on Feb 5-6, please let me know how you did your medical, and how I could really support my two minors as they go to this process for the first time. They are a bit worried about injections. All things well, our interview date will be Feb 12. Prayers!!!