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  1. That's good. I was told you need to update your status with the social security office as a citizen so if u apply for any benefits such as school, you will already be verified and not have to send in copies of your passport and naturalization certificate. Itinerary showing you will return to Germany?
  2. I think you would write it yourself and have them notarize it. I really don’t see where it says sworn statement I think that’s extreme. I assumed it would be like an affidavit just saying that I will return to the states. I will go to my legal office and ask if anyone has ever come in with something like that to sign.
  3. Amazing!! I can stop worrying now and wait in peace 😁 Good luck again on your interview I hope you have been studying for the civics test
  4. I finally got the letter requesting biometrics. I have the cards in a sealed envelope but I am going to include additional passport pictures with it to ensure no more delays. Also, did you ever send that sworn statement? I’m wondering if I should send that in too or just take it with me whenever I get an appointment date.
  5. Yes I do have an account and I will be patient to see if they request something before I do anything.
  6. So my situation is a little weird. I sent in my I-751 and received my extension then sent in my N-400 with a copy of my green card and extension letter to show that I have a pending application (I have a 2- year green card). I got my fingerprint cards done in Grafenwöhr and sent them with the I-751 application but none with the n-400. Do you think they would be able to use the fingerprints from the i-751? Congrats 🍾🎈🎉 to you. I anticipate quite a wait but it will be worth it.
  7. Hi, I am also filing in Germany under section 319b. I want to know how you did the fingerprints digitally? I fear they will also send me a notice for biometrics soon since I am overseas. I only just now received my NOA & IOE #. I just want to have an idea of what to do next.
  8. What was the entire process for you like? What was your timeline?
  9. Thank you! I got it done today! I called around again and it turns out we had a fingerprinting office. I still have to pay the $85 biometrics fee to USCIS right?
  10. Hey what base are you at? I’m in Hohenfels and they are telling me they don’t do fingerprint cards. I’m willing to drive to another base. Thanks.
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