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  1. Yes, we have decided to stay Married and file the AOS again, she is coming back here to Colorado on 2/24/2019.
  2. Yes I have heard it is common, but she actually never mentioned abuse. Everything she has done actually seems to be a way of trying to force me to come back to her. She has been completely crazy at times but I think I have misunderstood why she was like that. I have been so used to people with ill will around me that I couldn't even comprehend someone doing emotional and hurtful things with good intentions rather than trying to hurt someone.
  3. Thank you Daisy, I think you were actually exactly right. She was going through an adjustment period and neither of us was able to see that this was the reason for so much of her behavior. I reacted in completely the wrong way, I should have had more patience and pushed through the difficult time. We have now been separated for almost a year and this has actually been a good way for us to calm down and talk, unfortunately I also cancelled the AOS when we were first separated and I still though we were done for sure, so now we have to deal with that.
  4. Well, she never followed through on any of her threats toward me. She left to stay with a friend in another state and with the separation we have both had time to cool off and talk about things. I realize that I have made many terrible mistakes and was too angry and emotional to see what I did wrong, and she has also apologized for her behavior. Thank you for your reply Chris.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some advice on filing a 2nd AOS after I cancelled the first one. My wife and I had some culture shock problems and it looked like everything was irreconcilable. We have both looked at our mistakes now and decide to work things out. I cancelled the AOS but we are still married and I plan on filing another AOS with her. Does anyone know if there is anything different I need to do the 2nd time filing since I am the one who cancelled the first time? Should I write a letter explaining the situation? Should I talk to an immigration lawyer or anyone else? Also a more urgent issue is that I'm moving to a new apartment and my application was approved, I am moving in a few weeks, does anyone know if there will be a problem approving her to be on the lease since her AOS was cancelled and is not currently pending? Thanks very much for any info or replies.
  6. Thank you everyone for the replies. Yes it is a disaster. I keep trying to see if we can at least get along but she keeps coming up with reasons to blow up at me, and tonight was the final straw. Anyway, I am going to pull the application and get divorced. I really can't afford the lawyer but all I know is I never did anything even close to abusive to her. Does anyone know the fastest way to cancel the petition? if I call USCIS would they help? Should I get divorced before cancelling the petition? I'm not getting a lawyer I'm just going to tell them I never neglected her or laid a hand on her if she claims that, so if anyone has any advice about proceeding without a lawyer it would be appreciated, thanks again.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a question about a claim my wife is making. She is threatening to involve law enforcement because I am neglecting her and I would like to know if she has any grounds to make this claim. I was staying at my boss's house watching his place while he was gone. The first few days I stayed there with my wife but she was acting very crazy, insisting on arguing, and intentionally keeping me and my 5 year old son awake at night with loud music and standing in the room loudly talking about what she was angry about. I told her if she doesn't stop she would have to go home while I stayed at my boss's. She didn't stop so I took her home the next day. Since then she has had food, a warm place to stay (my place), internet, a phone to use, and a little spending money. I told her to let me know if she needs anything. She got sick at one point and I asked her what she needed and her symptoms. She had a fever and was tired and felt sick to her stomach, so I went to check on her and gave her ibuprofen and asked her if she needed anything else, she said no. She stayed with a friend for a few days because she felt neglected while I was at work and she was sick. She was sick for two days but was feeling better today. So today I am still not staying at home with her and it has been a little over 3 weeks. She has still been angry at me and argumentative when I am there so I am staying with a friend for now. She asked me this afternoon to take her to do laundry at the coin laundry and get her Popey's Chicken. I told her I couldn't today and would be there tomorrow after work. She got very upset and said I was treating her badly. Then later says she is getting law enforcement involved. Does it sound like I did anything wrong here to the point where law enforcement or immigration would do something? Thanks for reading.