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  1. I'm going to be in Morocco for 2 weeks. I'm going to schedule the appointment the day after I get there. After completing the translation of all paperwork, how long does it take to get the marriage completed by the Adoul? Can we go straight to the adoul right after to get married and he can do the marriage right then?

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    2. adil-rafa


      You have to go as Morocco requires a docuent from there after getting the 

      affidavit from the casa embassy


    3. ashcashbananas


      My husband is from Casablanca, so I went to the US Consulate.

      I got some paperwork there, paid $100 for it. They gave me a paper that told me what to do, where to go.

      I had to go to Rabat, get some papers stamped. Then we went to see a doctor to get a health clearance.

      Then go to the court house with all this paperwork. Then we went to see the adoul.


      This process took almost 1 entire month for my husband and I, so you should be very vocal about the fact that you are there for only 2 weeks.

      Make sure your fiancee keeps telling everyone! So inshallah they will rush the process along.


      Best wishes

    4. adil-rafa


      the affadivit from the US embassy is certified by the Office of Foreign Minister

      took us 3 and a half weeks to go thru the entire process and we pushed/ they say can take longer