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  1. Did you send one check for the fee and biometrics or two separate checks?
  2. So part 4 is for the US citizen (not the permanent resident). ok...that helps!
  3. Hi All, I’m filling in my I-751 and this form is a nightmare..I checked the instructions on the USCIS site and they don’t match the form. So, here’s where I’m at...and I need some verification from someone who ha done this already before I lose my mind, ha ha I am the permanent resident and my husband is the us citizen. Part 1 is my information Part 2 is more about me Part 3 is me again Part 4 is about by US husband?? Part 5 I don’t have any, so I’m leaving this blank Part 6 I am also leaving blank Part 7 I ticked 1a and filled in my contact info, printed my name. On the other page, I signed and dated Part 8 is my US citizen husband, ticked, inputted his info and on the other page, he signed Part 9 I left blank Part 10 I left blank Part 11 I added previous address info and the page number references Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!!!! Thank you so much Lisa xx
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