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  1. My mother has a B1 / B2 multiple entry visa valid until 2026. She is arriving in the US on Friday - travelling by herself for the first time internationally and I just wanted to make sure that she has everything she needs. Other than her passport with her visa, she will have all of our contact information and address as well as her itinerary showing her return dates. Is there anything else that she may need, like a letter from me stating she will be here visiting etc or a letter from her employer stating she will be on vacation and returning to work on 1 May 2019? I just want to give her some information of what to expect when she arrives.
  2. I received my I-797 NOA on Saturday 03/16/19 the notice is dated 03/08/19.
  3. I received my I-797 NOA on Saturday 03/16/19 the notice date is 03/08/19.
  4. I am have an SRC receipt number as well. Awaiting my hard copy or delivered receipt notice.
  5. Does anyone here have an SRCxxxx xxx xxx receipt number? When updating my VS timeline, it's not an option on the drop-down?
  6. Do you know how long after your interview you'll have your oath ceremony?
  7. I'm in this group too, cannot believe how quickly the 2 years went. Sent our packed and it was delivered in Lewisville, TX on the 3/.5.19.
  8. I've just submitted my I-751 and will be filing my N400 at the Ft Myers office. In about 11 months. Did you wait for your I-751 approval or did you just go ahead and file for your N400? Also, did you do the application online? Is that quicker? Sorry ball of nerves today. Lots of questions
  9. Hi all! I am in the final stages of putting together our evidence. I have a question though, in Aug 2018 we moved states and my name (conditional resident) is on our new lease, it wasn't on our previous lease. So, do I submit the previous lease or not?
  10. I am going to petition for my biological mother as soon as I am citizen. We are trying to slowly and proactively get all the documentation required together. In South Africa getting coping of marriage certificates etc is a challenge and because my mom has been married and divorced twice her last name has changed twice from her original birth certificate. Would be be acceptable to forgo those documents and just get a DNA test to prove that she is my biological mother (do you know where we can do this is the US)? We will still have my birth certificate as hers.
  11. Even if her name on her Passport is not her maiden name but her married name to my father and the name she uses now?
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