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    Aishat919 reacted to missileman in Nigeria Consulate Interviews 2019   
    You might try using the search function of this web site.  There are many experiences regarding that embassy.  Lagos is, historically, a difficult consulate.  Good luck.
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    Aishat919 reacted to Sunnyland in Immigrants could be required to show credit scores if they want to stay in the U.S.   
    I have a flu right now so I don't have the strength to go thru this.   I will watch the fireworks from the window. 
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    Aishat919 reacted to Ahmed&Freda in Reaffirmed Case Questions   
    Thank you so much!  
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    Aishat919 reacted to Abies in Case Complete to Interview August 2018   
    Go to Edo state police hq to get your police character cert done. It's 15k
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    Aishat919 reacted to LILI&FERRA in Case Complete to Interview August 2018   
    My husband visa was approved just now!!! Beyond excited.  Interview only lasted about 3 minutes.
    Questions asked:
    How old are we
    Whats my daughter name
    How many times have i traveled
    Where do i stay when i visit him
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    Aishat919 reacted to Achibaibe in Case Complete to Interview August 2018   
    It will be great. God bless. Let us know how it went. Good luck 
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    Aishat919 reacted to Abies in Case Complete to Interview August 2018   
    It will end in praise. Congratulations in advance
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    Aishat919 reacted to LILI&FERRA in Case Complete to Interview August 2018   
    Heading towards the interview with my husband hooe everything turns out great!!!!🙏🙏🙏
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    Aishat919 reacted to O&GForever in Refused in 2015, reaffirmed, now in AP without interview? (split)   
    Your husband will need to go for another interview. The Ghana embassy has changed the process for scheduling reaffirmed interviews. Once the embassy has your case in their system, they will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule the interview. You will do it yourself, not the embassy. Just so you know interview slots fill up quickly, so you’ll want to check back often until you can get a date. 
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    Aishat919 reacted to tfamily in Case Complete to Interview September 2018   
    God with us!!
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    Aishat919 reacted to Zelixx in Case Complete to Interview September 2018   
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    Aishat919 reacted to  Kevin  in Case Complete to Interview September 2018   
    Happy new month, everyone. Hope we all can get good news this month.😍
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    Aishat919 reacted to jvitya90 in Approved, finally!   
    We had our interview on June 25th, 2018 and were placed on administrative processing. By some miracle our visa was approved this morning! Finally our boy can have his papa!
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    Aishat919 reacted to Jhonny in Reaffirmed interview successful, visa issued   
    Congratulations, only us (VJ Members and others) who are in this same journey, only us know, hoy many tears, chest pains, stress, cry and many other things we suffer to be with our loved ones!
    Congratulations, and God bless you both inyou new life together!.
    P.S We , give also the very big importance that is being 5 minutes with our loved ones, the importance of being and sharing together things!
    It´s an amazing thing that!
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    Aishat919 reacted to Ortolan in Denied, Reaffirmed, AP 4 months, Interview 221g sent to US to Revoke   
    Oh, dwheels76....HUG. HUG HUG HUG.
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    Aishat919 reacted to dwheels76 in Denied, Reaffirmed, AP 4 months, Interview 221g sent to US to Revoke   
    My husband married someone else a week before his interview. So needless to say. My journey ended April 15th, 2013.
    That's why I am so passionate to helping others get their happy ever after. No tears. With pain in my heart your journeys help me heal.
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    Aishat919 reacted to Michealla in Reaffirmed interview successful, visa issued   
    Congratulations to you guys, I also went for my interview on Tuesday after my long battle since my last interview in 2015 and was approved and just got a email yesterday from ustraveldocs.com with title "Your Document Status" that reads;
                Dear ............................................
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    Aishat919 reacted to Gojo in Who has processed their own petition without a lawyer   
    Im new at the firm. Will have access to the forms. Just dont want the attorneys I work for in my business.
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    Aishat919 reacted to JJAAM in Reaffirmed interview successful, visa issued   
    Congratulations!!! To God be all the glory!!!. Finally finally. Kindly private message me your contact to inquire some few info from you. Thank you! Am also awaiting my second reaffirmed appointment at the consulate after my 2016 interview. Case status reads "Administrative Processing". And am patiently waiting well.
    Please hope to hear from you soon
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    Aishat919 reacted to CaliRose in Interview approved   
    Hi VJ Friends, 
    We have completed our case by this morning after our approval interview. ☺️
    I just want to say something to you, PLEASE don't trust any advice from lawyer as you always can call and ask USCIS for any question. I  was told by lawyer that since I am living with my husband outside of the US I can't be a petitioner OR at least 6 months before applicant's interview i have to move to US which is impossible for that period of time, so I called and asked USCIS and today I still live with my husband and he got approval so everything is POSSIBLE 🙆 good luck to all of you. 
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    Aishat919 reacted to hl and bl in NVC Filers - June 2018   
    Hey I got the interview date over the phone. Its July 18
    NOA 1: Aug 10-17
    NOA 2: Feb 26-17
    Scan date: 05/17/18
    CC: 5/23/18
    Interview date & time received over the phone: 05/31/2018
    Interview:  July 18/2018.
    The wait time over the phone (42 mins) is long but it was worth it. 
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    Aishat919 reacted to JackandRed in NVC processing-Second time around   
    I received the notice from nvc that our reaffirmed petition was forwarded to Senegal. Hopefully soon we'll receive word.
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    Aishat919 reacted to CarlHamilton in WRONG married date on N-400. HELP PLS!!!   
    I think the repercussions from your spouse may be more serious than whatever USCIS has to say.
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    Aishat919 got a reaction from Zainspeak in Spouse visa in additional administrative processing after the interview   
    @Zainspeak my husband got the same update. They sent my husband case back to Uscis for a detailed additional security check and questioned some of my husband answer at the interview. Long story short, i answered Uscis response and they reaffirmed my husband petition and now he has another interview coming up. It took a little over 13 months before the case was sent back to the consulate and we are waiting for the new interview. I just pray you don’t experience the same thing i did with my husbands petition 
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    Aishat919 reacted to kmking in I'm approved   
    We were 76 for the day interview both immigrate visa, and non immigrants visa. I was last to be interview.. i went there 7: 30am I was call 2: 40pm for my interview.i left there 3:00pm
    Questions I was asked
    Who petition for you. 
    My name
    My wife name
    My age 
    My wife age
    My children age
    My step children age
    Have I marry before 
    Have my wife marry before
    That's all then am proved..
    The more your case delay the higher your chance for issue a visa..thank you all for your support
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