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  1. Hi, on one of your posts, you noted that you had to return the green card because USCIS made a mistake.  I am in a similar situation, because my wife's green card came with the wrong birthday.  USCIS admits to the mistake and wants me to fill out a i-90 and the i-912 fee waiver form.  When I try to fill out form 912, it does not list a basis that is appropriate for my situation and I don't have any financial hardship.   How did you fill out the form....I assume you also did.  Thanx for any help.



    1. Markip1


      Hi John, 


      I only sent an I-90 I'm afraid. That was what the USCIS customer service operator I spoke to told me to do. Nothing was mentioned about a fee waiver form so I never sent one. My application was accepted yesterday without one. 


      If I remember correctly the I-90 form actually states that if the mistake is USCIS's fault then you don't need to pay. Nothing is mentioned on there about I-912, if I'm recalling right. 


      If the fault was USCIS and not yours, I'd just send the I-90 with a cover letter setting out the situation, that's what I did in fact. 


      I hope that helps! 



    2. BlueEcho


      Ok, great!  Thank you.



    3. babu_dandewala


      Hi John,


      did this get resolved and if yes, how long did it take? We are in a similar situation and wanted to know the timeline of resolution. 




      Babu Dandewala