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  1. I gave that info because after submitting my I-485 in December, I received a letter from USCIS sayig that I needed the I-693 completed by a civil surgeon. I sent in my DS-3025 and expected no problems, but clearly not. I would suggest making it simple for yourself and just go to the civil surgeon to have the vaccines signed off on. I payed $80 for my civil surgeon and only needed to get my flu shot taken. 

    Hey, this is completely random. I decided to check out your profile to see how far along you guys were as I was interviewed in Montreal the same day as you. I also received a letter  saying that I needed the i-693, but what I understood from it is that they would notify me later when I receive an interview notice. What did your letter say? How did you go about it? Should I go ahead and get the i-693 completed by a civil surgeon done anyway? 


    Thank you and congratulations on your wedding!

    1. mikeandkristina


      Hi there! The letter I received said that I would need to bring in the completed I-693 to the interview (if I got one) and if I didn't get an interview, then I would receive another letter with instructions showing me where to send the completed I-693 through mail. So if you got the same letter as me, I suggest you get the I-693 done whenever you can. It's not a big deal at all. There's a forum on here outlining civil surgeons from all different areas of the US and how much they charge. Because you got your medical done in Canada, you don't need to get another physical done. MAKE SURE THE CIVIL SURGEON KNOWS THAT FACT. They will con you out of hundreds of dollars if you let them do another physical. I called a local civil surgeon and got an appointment fairly quickly. The civil surgeon looked over my DS-3025 and told me I needed my flu shot taken (the appointment was during flu season and my medical in Canada was done in the summer, so I didn't need the flu shot at the time). I went to a local pharmacy and got my flu shot taken, then brought the proof back to the civil surgeon shortly after, and got the I-693 forms filled out in full. I paid the $80 that she charged me (all civil surgeons charge differently, choose wisely) and I was out the door. It all took about 2 hours. It's super easy. 

    2. arianelstl


      Perfect! I will be doing it shortly. Thank you so much!


    3. mikeandkristina


      You're welcome and good luck! I just got my work authorization and advanced parole approved on Thursday. :)