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  1. The Law Firm of Kyce Siddiqi charged 3500$. He has a good ratings ...you can even check on google search.
  2. No official replied to the emails sent by the lawyer. Lawyer took 3500$ just to emails officials . They didn't bother to answer to the later, and now he wanted to pay him 12000$ to go to the court and off course I was not a fool anymore .
  3. You must be a lawyer also.
  4. My wife wasted 3500$ for writ of mandamus. So I suggest other people not to waste their money. Lawyers will fool you to sell their services. I think their is a zero percent success rate , it's better to keep waiting and be in touch with senator and embassy.
  5. my 1-730(follow to join asylee) case is under administrative processing since January 2016,and US Embassy has my passport since my interview date, my wife will get citizenship in this year, how to apply for i-130 after my wife get citizenship? will i have to withdraw from 1-730 or just will have to fill new 1-130 petition without withdrawing from my old case(1-730).?
  6. my case is under administrative processing since Jan 2016. my wife finally hired a lawyer and filled a writ of mandamus. i need to know will this writ be helpful? embassy has my passport and i have never got any slip (white / blue) from embassy. has anyone experienced the consequences of the writ of mandamus>?
  7. zainrafique


    They kept my passport, and asked me to wait up to 6 months...but it's 2 years and 9 months since I had interview. And the email pak92@state.gov are not replying to my query since April 2018. Me and my wife are planning to meet in some other country as it's been 5 years since we met last time .....
  8. zainrafique


    I think last hope will be when my wife will be citizen.
  9. zainrafique


    My case is also under adminstrative processing since January 2016. I had interview on 8th January 2016. Everything gone well and consular officer gave me no slip and asked for no document after interview. But contacting congressman and embassy is useless . I am married since 2012 and my wife is in USA since October 2013.
  10. zainrafique


    Check inbox please
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  12. zainrafique


    Inbox me the grounds of your asylum please
  13. zainrafique


    Yes they kept passport. Yes she has green card too
  14. zainrafique


    My wife applied for i730 for me ,my case is under AP from the last 2 years and 6 months. No one can expedite the case. We have to just wait and hope for good. The other way us just when you will get the citizenship and you can adjust your case status . No lawyer and congressman can do anything in i730.
  15. zainrafique


    Please WhatsApp me at +923312111851