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  1. By now you should have gotten a Biometrics appointment. You can try calling USCIS directly and see what happened--if one appointment was scheduled. Or you can try to go to your local biometrics office and see if they'll take you as a walk-in. As to the gov't shutdown being a cause of the delay, there's no way to say it is as it's already January and most September filers have had their appointments at this point. With the missing NOA1s though it did cause a major delay and much confusion. As a side note, it has been 4 months since we all filed our applications. How is everyone holding up? Almost halfway through the wait process
  2. Yeah, it depends, everyone has their opinions on what you should an shouldn't do. USCIS unfortunately doesn't know its left from its right so you'll hear one thing from one officer and another from a completely different person. So you never know who to believe lol. A lot of the cases I handle are I-212 and I-601s, along with I-485 and I-130s. So when you're at that point, a lot has gone wrong before we can even apply for a green card for our clients. In the end there's no rush for naturalization since the green card will be valid for 10 years.
  3. I'd recommend the lawyer as well, my office has many immigration clients. Waivers can be tricky only because you want to present your case in the best light. There's the way USCIS sees the facts on paper and what actually happened from your prospective. I wouldn't lose hope though, we've dealt with some really difficult cases in our office and they were granted waivers and the situations were more convoluted then this so stay positive
  4. Was about to say lol, 90 days before makes sense. I'm still hesitant to put in the application that early because the last thing I want to do is complicate the process and have two different offices fighting over the hard file. But we'll see, spoke to a few people at USCIS that cautioned against filing an application when the removal of conditions is pending.
  5. June 26, 2019 sounds a bit soon for naturalization--you sure you're calculating it right? Everyone can file their N400 on the third anniversary of the expiration of their green card because that's when you became a permanent resident, it's not from the date you got married.
  6. Further update, husband just informed me the reissued NOA arrived today on 10/22 So until or if we receive an RFE or an interview notice, we're officially checked out of process for at least a year. See you guys on the other side and good luck to all!
  7. That's why I called because my case was outside their time frame. My Husband's extension letter was still reissued on 10/19 so I'm not sure if they included us because we were just on the edge or because they're actually issuing letters beyond those dates. So for anyone whose case was received after the 10th, I'd recommend calling USCIS if you want to verify and if they tell you it wasn't, request from the officer that one be sent out again.
  8. Based on there announcement I'm going to say it happened in all offices affected. And they're issuing notices for cases received between May 1 and Sept. 9, 2018.
  9. As another small update, contacted USCIS today to verify if our extension notice was reissued based on the USCIS announcement since we were just outside the time frame they said they would be reissuing letters. According to the tier 1 officer, the extension letter was reissued on 10/19, so beyond that--- Application submitted 9/10 ----> Application arrived at Texas Fedex Lockbox 9/11 ----> NOA1 9/14 (issued 1st time and transferred to Vermont Service Center) ----> Biometrics letter issued 9/28 -----> Biometrics letter received 10/2 -----> Biometrics appointment 10/17 ----> NOA1 reissued 10/19
  10. According to that receipt number, the application was submitted on November 8, 2016--looks like you have the wrong receipt number.
  11. Spouses' can call, I do it all the time. But they'll ask that the applicant give the USCIS officer permission to speak to the spouse each time you call. So make sure they're on standby when you do.
  12. Biometrics appointment done. No line according to the hubby and they took him early. Was smooth sailing. Once we get that extension letter I'll be going into hibernation for a year and forget about it lol 😂🤣😂
  13. We chose not to get it. Coming down to a choice of either or, we went with waiting for the 18 month extension letter vs. an unknown time frame for the I-551. Our situation is different as my husband's job isn't questioning him for proof/not requiring him to provide it and he doesn't drive. We're also not traveling out of the country until December so there's still time. He's at his biometrics appointment now. I've given him instructions to ask them about receiving a copy of his extension letter there if it's possible or to at least verify it. Who knows, we'll see what happens. Most likely they won't be able to give him an answer but next week I'm just going to call and ask them to send it again and see what happens.
  14. Unfortunately USCIS's main number can't really schedule appointments at local offices for you because it's on a separate system. I will say that I've noticed that my local offices do not have any appointments available and it's been that way for the past four months. If you notice a pattern I'd recommend going to the local office and ask to schedule an appointment directly with them. It's unlikely they'll see you then and there but it bypasses the infopass system. Local offices don't publicize their phone numbers either so you can't call to make an appointment unfortunately either.
  15. Ended up not getting the stamp and we're at Vermont Service Center so we're EAC