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  1. As a complete aside, the term "congressmen" is almost never used to refer to senators.
  2. Will_and_Tu

    chat logs

    Second this. Viber is a lifesaver to establish logs, and very user-friendly.
  3. Will_and_Tu

    chat logs

    Dates appear in the conversation, on a desktop, just like missileman said. I'm looking at my most recent FB conversation right now, where timestamps indicate at the top of conversations the days on which they occurred. How they are displayed might vary from device type to device type, but they are displayed. You can download conversations, but you don't have to do so in order to get the necessary screenshots.
  4. Will_and_Tu


    The fastest way to get denied (or have your application itself rejected) is to simply ignore parts of the paperwork that you don't want to fill out because you know doing so won't help your case.
  5. Get in the habit of putting everything that comes from USCIS in a safe place. Especially something like this, which is clearly printed on heavier paper and has (I think) embossing on it.
  6. Will_and_Tu

    RFE I-751

    I think that's entirely dependent upon your bank, then. Our checking statements just show debits and credits, without designating which card is being used to make them. The officer could discern that the account is active and that we both have access to it, but there's no way to determine which transactions belong to which person.
  7. Will_and_Tu

    RFE I-751

    Both using the account? How would USCIS be able to determine that from a list of debits and credits in a bank statement? The only obvious one would be two distinctly different payroll sources depositing into the account each month,.
  8. Will_and_Tu

    Proof of meeting and relationship

    If you haven't gotten this advice or read this yet, Vietnam is considered a high fraud country; the stuff you write will get looked at with a little more scrutiny, and if you add in unnecessary details, they can trigger requests for information. I wrote a short paragraph about our meeting which had no flourishes, but mentioned we met on a dating website, and we ended up with an RFE where we had to prove it wasn't a marriage broker. Treat everything you're submitting as if you're answering questions in a trial: be honest and succinct, but don't offer elaboration beyond what you were asked.
  9. Will_and_Tu

    both spouse at interview

    The COs in Vietnam pay attention to whether or not the petitioner shows up. It doesn't make or break the interview, but it is generally seen as a positive sign if the petitioner is there. You're not likely to be asked anything. I was sworn in alongside my fiancee, and then the CO told me to go sit down. 😀
  10. Go to the IRS website and request copies of a Record of Account tax transcript for the tax years in question. You'll have to go through about a gazillion layers of security, but once the system verifies that you are you, you can download the RoA transcripts immediately. These are far superior to copies of your tax returns and W-2s because they are the US government's record of what you actually filed. I would recommend the past three tax years. Just because the oldest of the three was a much lower income year won't hurt you; on the contrary, if it still met the 125% requirement, it shows ongoing stability and even an upward trend in your earning.
  11. I received a text msg on Feb 8th, too. Also received the NOA. But haven't received the bio appointment yet.
  12. Will_and_Tu

    Norwegian, B2 for 6 months to visit US bf?

    This x 10. Why not split the difference, OP, and use your VWP to do an initial trip of 3 months? That's a significant time period, but it's not the 0-60 mph of a 6-month visit. Maybe you should figure out how to maximize the opportunities of the privilege you already have rather than risk losing it altogether.
  13. All income counts as income. Don't discount his overtime if it's a regular facet of his life, and if the tax records substantiate that the base+overtime is his actual gross each year.
  14. Will_and_Tu

    DS3025 incomplete? AOS I-693 required?

    Same thing happened to us. Since the box for "US Vaccinations Complete" is marked, it seems like that overrides the Varicella marking for USCIS (or at least for some COs). After some discussion, given the varying costs of another appointment and the 693, we decided to just send in the 3025 as is and risk the RFE. No RFE, GC approved. My advice is to do the same. Worst-case scenario is that you get an RFE requiring the 693 and the additional vaccine, but if you can avoid the hassle and the additional cost, and the potential delay of an RFE isn't a big deal to you, that's not such a terrible development. For what it's worth, I've seen many fellow VN VJers go through the same thing and not have any issues with their 3025.
  15. Many folks have previous visa denials; my wife had numerous F1 denials on her record, and other than the "have you ever applied for a U.S. visa before" question, they never came up at all.