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  1. My husband's citizenship interview was scheduled (yay!) one week before my due date. We're feeling a bit nervous about this timeline and worried about him missing the interview if baby decides to come on that day/time. Does anyone know what our options the day of are? For example, if we don't try to reschedule but then I go into labor that day before his interview. Any possibility to notify them or reschedule the same day? Will we have to just re-file and start the whole N400 process over again? We really don't want to reschedule in advance because we've obviously waited a long time for the interview, but it might be a better alternative than having to refile. Field office is Newark. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, wanted to share an update that our case was approved last week. Interview waived likely because we had one during AOS. Good luck to everyone who is waiting!! EAC (Vermont Service Center) NOA date: June 10, 2019 Biometrics: July 9, 2019 Case approved: May 13, 2019
  3. Hi everyone! My husband and I are getting ready to send off our AOS package and we were confused about which evidence to include. It seems that we don't need to send any evidence of our wedding or marriage at this point, but we really feel that we should include something. We've read a lot of posts about people receiving RFEs after filing for AOS, and we're wondering if that's connected to evidence of marriage, or just errors on the form. We were thinking of including some evidence about the actual wedding (photos, maybe some rental contracts) and leaving the financial comingling for the interview. What did everyone else send along with the AOS? If you received an RFE, what for? Thank you so much!
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