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  1. I have an update and a question. I chatted with an immigration lawyer from the Philippines who explained (confirmed) that it was because the divorce was not recognized and we had to do an annulment. USCIS never explained it or spelled it out for us but obviously that is the reason. We hired a lawyer to process the annulment for us and he gave us a breakdown of all the associated costs. My question and concern right now is he quoted us a total cost for the psychologist's part at 50k but when my fiancee talked to 2 different ones they told her it was 60k. So I sent my fiancee the 60k and now they are telling us that it will be another 20k and possibly more. I feel like they are trying to take advantage of me and our situation. Maybe I am wrong... Does anybody have any idea what the average going price is for the psychologist's part in an annulment based on Psychological incapacity? It bothers me that they asked for 60k upfront then said it would be another 20k and possibly more...


    Thanks in advance for any info...

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