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  1. Be patient. I would suggest to wait at least 3 more months and then call. They are currently processing MAY/JUNE filers.
  2. Yes and yes. You can renew your DL with NOA and of course you can legally work with NOA.
  3. That's exactly what is written on USCIS website. Your congressman just copy/paste text from USCIS website. Not helpful at all. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-continuing-form-i-751-data-entry
  4. Mine was cashed today. Package delivered to CSC on 8/17 Be patient
  5. I'm on same boat. Package delivered to CSC on 8/17 and check not cashed yet. Hopefully this week.
  6. I believe as long as you timely filed I-751 (they received it before your GC expired), your husband is in valid status. Especially If you can prove this with USPS tracking number which shows when the package was delivered.
  7. Since lots of people have same issue, I didn't call yet. Just playing the waiting game. If I will not get response within 60 days since the package was delivered, then I start worry.
  8. I have same problem. Package was delivered to CSC on AUG 17th and check not cashed yet. I feel like CSC is forwarding all August / September cases to Phoenix, AZ that's why we have our cases delayed.
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