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  1. Thank you for your recommendation but What if he doesn’t apply for re- entry and come back before 1 year?
  2. Hello everyone, Some one I know (65 yrs)is a green card holder and have a plan to go to Ethiopia for 1 year.so for how long can he stay out of USA? I called USCIS and told me that if he wants to be a USA citizen must return before 6 month and if he doesn’t want he can come back before 1 year . Today someone told me that it’s wrong. What should we do? Thanks in advance,
  3. It's okay don't worry. Mine was took 1 month and two weeks so know a days it's normal so relax and plan to your new life. Good luck,
  4. Do you know why it took so long to get your visa after the interview? I'm asking because my wife has her interview next month. Also any help on the questions thay asked during the interview would be great.

  5. Hello everyone , (CR-1 visa) Thanks to God everything is okay but i would like to avoid mistake so 1, visa ,ticket and packet(do not open). what else have to have? 2, it is my first international flight so does border control is asking question ? if its so what kind of question ? 3, How to remove my conditional status ? July 22,2018 will be our 2 years anniversary . Thank you in advance !!!!
  6. Yes it is approved but no update on CEAC that makes me nervous. CO given me white slip and yellow page that states to pay 220 dollar for USCIS (A- number ) so everything is seems fine but Why it takes almost more than 3 weeks to print a visa ??? Anyways thank you!!!!
  7. Dear Vj members, First of all i would like to thank you for your great support, without you guys it would be impossible to go this far. As you know my cr-1 visa was approved but still no visa. When I check from CEAC it says Ready for interview but it is more than 2 weeks since my visa approved so i'm little bit nervous . So Should i be Worried ? For how long should i wait to contact Ethiopian embassy ? Thanks in advance,
  8. Thank you everybody!!! Im going to focus what i have.
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    I cant post.please i need help.How can i post? thanks in advance,