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    Wow, I'm sorry this is happening. On hindsight, could you see any of this coming? I highlighted some things that stood out for me. He broke off with you a day after a wedding. I hardly think this is the reason...
    You will receive Package 3, not him. Who does he live with? He hasn't been home in a week? Sleeping in his car? Is he bathing? Blowing up at work...maybe he's setting himself up to be fired, on purpose.
    You say he'll drink every night now. Why is that? Does he perhaps have a drinking problem...or has drinking been a problem in the past?
    How big is the town? I wonder if something hasn't happened in this town for him to be afraid or unwilling to sleep at home, and to get as far away as possible? Does he have friends in California? Is he in real estate? What makes him think he can just quit his job and find a job in California selling houses?
    I agree with the above poster. I think there might be some serious mental health concerns. I think there may have been some things going on with him for awhile, and he's either hidden it from you, or in your joy and love for him, you've ignored or missed...
    Communication is the key, however if he's suffering with a mental illness, then he has to be seen by a professional, and be on medication. He'll be up and down until then, and won't be making good decisions.
    Another poster asked if you could come visit him. Is this a possibility?
    Hope to hear from you regarding these questions!
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    Carlawarla got a reaction from Bobby+Umit in question 19 on I-129f   
    Correct. This site, is not a facilitation of meeting members of the opposite sex for marriage which you paid for. So, the answer is no.
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    Carlawarla got a reaction from K and L in Can we slow the process down? >.<   
    When you return Package 3, you'll specifically be asked when you want your interview. There is a space right on the forms that asks when you want your interview date. If you want it in May or June, just specify that. I'd make a note if it's past the 4 month expiry of the NOA2, that you'd like it extended to accommodate that interview date. Vancouver is very good about giving you an interview date that you want. Not a problem.
    You also don't need to get the medical done before returning Package 3. Once you get a date from Vancouver, it'll be easier to book your medical, especially since you're asking for it well in advance.
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    Carlawarla reacted to Obama 2012 in The New VJ (3/2010)....What do you think?   
    I doesn't look bad, BUT it is kind of not really easy to read... It seems like everything got smaller or something. *shrug*
    Also the topic images aren't there yet and the little folder icons that represent topic are confusing/slightly annoying.
    In all honest I do think some would like this new theme though, while others won't.
    Can you possibly make the old theme 'selectable' down at the bottom? Make the new one the 'default' theme and just have the option to pick the old one
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