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  1. The fact that you've been married for 3 years helps. What do you do as a married couple? Send evidence of you visiting and spending time with his family and friends including the children and evidence of communication for the 3 years. They know that it's hard to have joint financial responsibilities in your situation. You can also write a short letter talking about your relationship and how his mom being sick was the reason you lived apart etc. Affidavits from third parties are also an option. Lots of people will say they aren't helpful but we don't actually know and since they are listed by USCIS as evidence it doesn't hurt at all to send. Just ensure they are not templates but actually genuinely written by people in your lives.
  2. Be relaxed, yourself. Not overly friendly it serious think business casual attitude. Dress modestly. Jeans add button down or polo for man, jeans and top with sleeves for women with flats etc. Will be the a little while. Just be confident and relaxed.
  3. Send new additional stuff, don't send the same things that you sent to USCIS to NVC.
  4. Call NVC back. Sometimes you don't get the most helpful CSR. Talk to someone else. If they told you to go on the website it likely means they didn't understand your question. Give them the case number and ask for an update. Ask to speak to a supervisor if necessary.
  5. If you qualify for DCF that would be the fastest route. If you're doing DCF then you have to follow their instructions, go in person. And yes, filing the i-130 is the first and mandatory step in the process regardless of where the spouses live and work.
  6. Contact them, tell them what happened, ask what the next steps are.
  7. Just ensure that all the evidence you have and you send are good. I never at any point in my case sent chats or anything like that and it wasn't an issue for us. Remember every case is judged on its own merits. Take what you have and you can always explain things like this if it comes up.
  8. Is the petitioner a citizen or be LPR? If it is indeed an F2a case then it takes longer
  9. There's obviously no official IRS source that will tell you that you can. Point is during immigration process specifically this comes up a lot. My husband was advised to file single and amend later by the CPA. And that's exactly what we did with no issues from either the IRS nor the embassy. Like I said. Filing married separately is the " correct" thing to do.
  10. Pretty sure you can. But filing married separately is the better.
  11. They paid your tuition so they don't freely give waivers in those cases. The whole point of funding you was so you could return home and contribute to that society. But you seem to also have overstayed your visa which is another issue on top of that.
  12. Make sure they have the correct address when you call them on the phone. Problem is not everyone gets biometrics so it's hard to say if you'll get one and when. My biometrics came few weeks before my extension letter and some got it the other way around.
  13. I-864a is not only for combining income. If they share households you use the i-864a even if the household member's( cosponsor) income alone is sufficient. Point being the petitioner needs to decide how many persons he wants to count in his household, If he'll count the dad or not. I-864a contact between household member and sponsor regardless of whether they are combining incomes or if only the household members income alone is being used. If his dad claims him he is automatically part of his household since they share the same residence and would need to use i-864a
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