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  1. @Hopegrace We haven’t had the I-751 interview yet, our case was only transferred to Seattle to be scheduled for an interview. That was in August 2019 and we haven’t heard anything since then. We’re still technically within normal processing times for CSC but after I looked at some other threads for cases similar to ours, I saw the scheduling can take up to 8 months, and a few congresspeople had to inquire 2-3 times since USCIS apparently doesn’t always respond to the first congressional inquiry. We just decided that for us the right decision was to stop waiting and just go for the N400.
  2. Hi, just joining this thread as my husband has officially submitted his N-400 with a pending I-751 (last action was August 2019 when transferred to the local office to schedule an interview). I didn't realize how backlogged the Seattle office was until we filed N-400. Now am thinking the reason why the I-751 is pending is simply due to the caseload in Seattle. I'd even be happy to drive over to Yakima or down to Portland at this point if it would speed up the process.
  3. We officially submitted N-400 today. Our I-751 is pending, and the last action was taken in August 2019 when it was transferred to our local office (Seattle) to schedule an interview. We'd originally hoped to get the 10-year green card and take a break from USCIS before filing N-400, but the wait has just become comically long. My husband filed the I-751 in March 2018, and has been eligible for N-400 for several months. We originally didn't file N-400 for a few reasons, but have now decided to file since we just really want to just move on with our lives. Best of luck to everyone else still waiting for I-751, and to everyone who's filed N-400
  4. Hey there, we are still waiting as well. We responded to our RFE back in May and our file was transferred to the National Benefits Center in August. We've been waiting for 20 months exactly, as of today. We're going to enjoy the holidays together, then file for citizenship if we still haven't heard anything by January. Good luck to you and your partner, I hope we all get this resolved soon.
  5. We got the same thing a couple days ago. A day before that it was “Your case has been transferred to schedule an interview.” I’m pretty sure all of this means that our cases were transferred to local field offices to schedule interviews. I imagine the scheduling timeline for each of us depends on the workload at our respective field offices.
  6. Congrats! Thanks for the info! Wishing you and your partner all the best
  7. Congratulations on the progress! We're in a similar situation as we moved right before submitting our I-751 and received an RFE last month. We submitted the additional evidence a couple weeks ago and I'm thinking we might also be interviewed. If you don't mind my asking, would it be possible for you to report back with the types of questions they asked you in the interview? I'm feeling a bit nervous about a potential interview and, like everyone else, very much looking forward to this stage being over. Good luck in the interview and cheers to almost being done!
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