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  1. Yes, they are working on your case. As to how long it will take after you submit what they are asking for, no clue. With the IR5 from Nebraska there are limited historical date so make an assumption, but I would suggest to send whatever they are asking as quickly as possible. Finally. Congrats. Now the other wait begins.
  2. I'm just seeing this. They approved me exactly 1 day before the 1 year mark
  3. FINALLY!!!! I have informed delivery with USPS, so I saw this morning I was getting a mail from USCIS. Every avenue I check shows my case was received September 17, 2018, so no update. On my way home from work I called USCIS, I got to my mailbox before someone came online, by then I read the approval notice and the case was approved 9/16/19. I still asked the CSR about my case and what is the update, to which she told me that my case was approved and I should be getting something in the mail on what the next steps are.
  4. Congratulations on your approval. Once your file is sent to NVC, you will receive an email on what your next steps will be. Yes, you will need to prepare documents again to upload at the NVC stage and submit a affidavit of support. What service center were you approved by?
  5. I was hoping to be at NVC at the one year mark and my mom would be here by Christmas, right now that's impossible (plus with this administration and the changes they want to implement). I still check the site religiously, praying for a miracle. I will call again next week but I think it is a NEBRASKA issue and not the entire system because other service centers are operating smoothly and approving applications in a timely manner. Like I said earlier individuals who submitted I-130 as early as of May 2019 to Nebraska has been approved because they later filed I-129f, for us who filed for our parents do not have an option to push forward our applications therefore we are left to suffer this long wait.
  6. Honestly, I've called so many times hoping they had forgotten to update the approval status. If we call we will hear the same excuses. It's very unfair because other service centers are processing December 2018 applications.
  7. Processing times jumped backwards to May 23, 2018, basically saying it takes 12-15.5 months to process applications.
  8. This didn't come as a shock, but NEBRASKA TIMELINE JUMPED BACK TO MAY 23, 2018. According to the timeline it's taking them 12 to 15.5 months to process applications. I think it has been stuck at May for 5 months (if I'm not exaggerating). I-130's for CR1/IR1 are being processed much earlier because they have the option of filing I-129. I've seen people who submitted I-130 February 2019 getting approvals.
  9. NOA1 refers to the actual letter you received informing you of the date USCIS received your application, your priority date and the date the notice was sent out. NOA1- Notice Of Action #1. NOA2- Notice Of Action #2- is the second notice to you by USCIS that your case was approved. Hope this helps.
  10. Well, here we go again, for all those at the Nebraska Service Center we have yet a longer wait time because the dates jumped back to May 3. Here's to hoping it's a glitch 🙂
  11. Nope, your are not alone. My case went to Nebraska and everyday I check their processing times because I keep hoping it was an error and the dates will jump back to match that of Permanent residents filing dates.
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