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    Leafgal reacted to Woodrow in Canada Opens Border for Non-Essential Travel for Vaccinated Individuals   
    Just some recent experience info. Crossed this Sunday at Sumas WA. The Abbotsford-Huntingdon location. Used the ArriveCAN app which they noted after looking at our nexus cards. Only thing needed to see was our Covid tests which had done for free at CVS the previous Thursday. Only extra thing though, we were randomly selected for a day 1 take home Covid test. It had to be done within 24 hours of arrival and sent back within 48 hours of arrival. You must use the MS teams app, video both ways so they can walk you thru the process and see if you’re doing it right. All in all not too bad. 
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    Leafgal reacted to Crtcl Rice Theory in Canada Opens Border for Non-Essential Travel for Vaccinated Individuals   
    We uploaded a pdf of the test results and pdfs of our vaccination record.
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    I called my insurance company and it is covered, however not all may be covered, I will be having it done at my Dr's office which is in network.
    I am getting a swab on Thursday morning as I am going to cross at Sweetgrass/Coutts on Saturday morning.  First time I have crossed since this all began, so I will update how it goes next week when I get back.  Not sure yet what I need to show Border Services, but hoping I get an email from my Dr's office and I will print that.  Unfortunately, I can't play with the CanArrive app to see.  I do have a call into CBSA in Alberta, so we will see what they say.
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    Lisa and Phil I too am in the same boat, have been in line for interview since May 9, still no interview or change in online status. Hopefully soon. I know my local office doesn't do same day oaths so I was hoping to get my interview by mid June so maybe there might be a special ceremony for Independence Day and I could be sworn in then lol. I am sure that is not going to happen now, but it was a nice though. Hopefully the Texas filers will soon see interviews. Good luck to everyone.
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    I am planning on getting one as well Moosker. I was in Calgary Airport last Christmas and said never am I planning on standing in a customs line for over an hour again lol. I will research how to get one once I have my naturalization in place.
    Good points as I too was wondering if I should order both the card and book. Now I know, thanks.
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    I don't have any messiah. I do not support, nor have I ever supported any immigration reform package that puts amnesty for the illegal aliens in the country today front and center and just puts some feel good decoration around it to make it palatable. You know that. And it doesn't matter who tries to sell it. I want to see the flow of illegal immigration stopped - by pulling the economic opportunity plug - and let those here illegally self deport. What remains, you put on a bus and wave farewell.
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