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  1. Hello everyone! I submitted the DS260 online. The confirmation page says something about photo requirements and gathering of documents. Can someone explain in detail about what do we do after the DS260 was submitted online? I read something about sending documents to the embassy by mail? What documents? Is there e deadline?
  2. hello everyone! I am gathering the documents for I751 application. We have put my in law residence in most of our documents, including my drivers license. We have rented ever since and we always would put my in laws address so we receive important documents in a safe location since we have moved a lot. Now I am dealing with copy of leases that state i have lived in X location which I have, but the Drivers license and car insurance (we are in the same plan with my in laws, meaning "we live with them" according to car insurance) says we live in Y location. What do I do? Also in the car insurance and electricity bill its only my husband, also retirement plans its him only. is this bad?
  3. i thank you so very much thepanda. I appreciate it! I hope I get to the bottom of this! I wish you the best in your life and with your situation!
  4. Yes I read that several times. The sibling that is 19 has been entered since the beginning of the application. Now that I am filling out the DS 260, for the principal applicant which is my mother, asks for the name of the spouse (father) then asks how many children from this marriage? I put 3, and then it says the number of the children does not match the number of children in the application.... :@
  5. we are 3 sisters. 25, 24, 19. I included in the DV lottery only mom dad and 19 yo sister based on that line. Excluded myself since i live in US and am over 21 and my other sister since she is over 21.
  6. it doesnt matter when they state INCLUDE your spouse, along with any child, adopted child or step child under 21 years old (who is not already a US citizen) on the entry. Please advise. Im panicking over this
  7. Hello, please help! Ive applied for my parents the dv lottery and they got selected. At the time I applied I read you that I should involve in the application only the children under 21 and so I did. I listed mom dad and sister under 21. Now they got selected and Im filling DS-260 for them. when I put we are 3 children in total from my parents marriage it states it does not match the number of children entered in the application. I live in Usa and came here appx. 3 years ago on a K1 visa. My other sister is over 21 yo and single. Should I add myself and my other single sister over 21 years old on the application? Im very confused. ** I also applied the DV Lottery for my sister over 21 yo, alone, not involving anyone else in the application, but she didnt get selected. Is this wrong? Please shed some light. Thank you in advance and God bless you all in your lifes and in all these petitions. Cheers from Bella!
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