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    School, Work,F-ball, B-ball, Poker, Church, TNTT (Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Group), and hanging out with my drinking buddies.

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    K-1 Visa
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    Nebraska Service Center
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    We met through our dads. They were friend in the Army. After the introduction by email and phone, I went back to Vietnam and met my baby for the first time in December of 2004. When I first saw her coming down the house's stairs, I was like "Oh my goodness" how beautiful and amazing she is. I stay at her house for a week. We talk about everything day and nite, as time passing by, we were really interest in each other. We first held each other hand on X-mas of 2004. My oh my, the electricity at that moment, the nervousness of the first time, the afraid of someone see us, man it was awesome.
    By going back to my home town (HamTan) and travel to where she live (BienHoa) several times, it was time to departure.
    I filed K-1 in March then went back there in the summer of 05 for our engagement ceremony.
    Uyen have her first interview on the 14th of Oct. 05, how devasted when I heard the bad news, it is all about income, which they don't allow co-sponsor (not my dad). Then again on the 2nd of Feb. 06, the same bad news (my dad is the co-sponsor this time, I have all the evidence that they requested) and still no pink slip. I probably will withdrawn my case and file K-3, all over again. I felt so sad for my baby back home. We have no other choice but wait patiently and trust in God.

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