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  1. Looks like movement at Nebraska has stopped. No updates for a couple of weeks 😔 The flurry of activity since late last year stopped right as they got to my number. So I've been thinking I might be one of the lucky ones till now. But I'm still within 10 months of max processing time lol so I chill. For now. I reserve the right to lose my sh*t at some stage.
  2. Sorry, good point, here's the link: https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-revises-interview-waiver-guidance-form-i-751 Not really new, but somewhat recent I guess. I personally read it as saying the officer can choose from any of the listed criteria when deciding on an interview waiver. But it seems I'm against the majority who believe all criteria must be met.
  3. Hi, I'm interested to see how many of us 12/10/18 and onwards I-751 filers who have had their application approved, have been required to have an interview as part of their removal of conditions process. Curious to see how the "new" guidelines have affected applications and why. So it would be great if you could include whether or not you've previously had an interview within the US (for example, for the Adjustment of Status) and which visa you entered the country on. I'm a Feb 2019 filer, originally a K1 fiance visa holder and am yet to have an interview scheduled or approval received. Thanks to anyone and everyone for your input!
  4. Well, I should clarify, I have saved a LOT of January cases on my app. It was as far back as I could go. So I saved all available Jan & Feb. And those are just the ones that had the status "Case was Received", there are so many more who would've had some kind of update since then.
  5. Plenty of movement in the last couple of days with Jan 2019 filers, per the case status tracking app for Nebraska. Of course I don't know particular circumstances of each, but it seems they're going straight from "Fingerprint Review" status to "Card is Being Produced", without interview. 🙂
  6. Same here. I think there are a lot of us in the same situation.
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