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  1. I submitted all documents on May 17, 2020 no status yet on CEAC status its saying require documents etc.. which i believe i already submitted by this eaac web site, is it normal to receive such msg on ceac status site ???
  2. Ok guys I am going to sponsor my mom now so I need to fill AOS or I864 not sure what exactly it’s called anyhow last year my income was 0 on tax return cause I was student now in 2020 I am getting income and I do have pay stubs and income is enough to sponsor couple of family members, so my real question is can I submit 864EZ as a primary sponsor or do I need a co signer ? My wife can be a co signer but real thing is what type of forms do we need to sign please advice TIA
  3. It’s pointless since all these officers sitting behind the glass wall you can even split on them only contact point is microphone so m wondering why would they allow on video call ?
  4. Can anyone tell me what’s going on with USCIS I got my mother NO2 yesterday and today I got a letter form NVC along with CASE NUMBER AND INVOICE ID also checked account it’s asking me to pay the fee and submit the required forms etc what the heck why they are moving fast lol
  5. Service centre was Nebraska but got approval letter from Vermont
  6. I just got my mother NO2 this morning NO1 date is Jan 31, 2020 and Approval date is May, 5th 2020.
  7. I think it’s time for US citizens to move with their foreign spouses in their home country until US govt. left the ban.
  8. Ok you are very lucky that I am here to answer your question lol I been through this USCIS called me for interview at Memphis office and ceremony at Nashville and I do live in Clarksville now here is few tips if you want faster process then ask officer to call you for oath ceremony in Memphis if not they will take about a month to transfer your case for oath ceremony Nashville does judicial oath ceremonies everyone month.
  9. Ok we are from TN my brother come through K1 we applied his AOS he got his EAD & AP in 4 months then he was called for interview for his green card 8 months after filed for AOS then they asked his new medical report from US and they issued his green card whole process took about 11 months. Let me know if u have any other questions
  10. If you would not be eligible the USCIS would not called you for an interviewed well the officer might need to do some case reviewed since his computer was acting weird, I woulda advised you to just relax and wait for their response.
  11. Change your name on your passport just for safe side you have to apply for passport name change through nadra website i guess its online services you dont have to go Pakistan embassy. Also if i am not wrong you need to change your married name on your NICOP.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question brother of mine was interviewed for his AOS, Officer asked him to send a new medical reports since the last one was expired just last month, and she did not told him where to send these reports, can anyone tell me where to send his new medical reports a local field office or USCIS IL office. TIA
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