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    coolman673 reacted to xwind in I-751 April 2018 Filers   
    OMG guys, I just checked my bank account and it looks like my check is being processed! I'm not sure if this happened just by chance or if somehow my phone call from yesterday triggered it. I'm hoping this is a good sign for all us April filers!
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    coolman673 reacted to NikLR in Urgent HELP needed regarding Taxes for 2015   
    1) you can try
    a) yes
    2) yes to both
    3) file by mail as MFS, handwrite NRA in the SSN spot. Your issue is mostly that the H&R guys want to send your return online and that won't let you do it without an ITIN or SSN.
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    coolman673 reacted to NikLR in Which service center will process my Petition   
    Sure. I wouldn't bet on it going there or Vermont but it's possible.
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    coolman673 reacted to Karmalious in Which service center will process my Petition   
    @coolman. I dont know how they determine which service center it is sent to.
    What i do know, is that as far as you and I are concerned. It seems random enough and I dont think you have any control over that.
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    coolman673 reacted to NikLR in I-130 question   
    Yes you have filed a petition before. Write down the type of petition and result (it was approved) but in the end no, that beneficiary did not acquire a visa.
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    coolman673 reacted to Hypnos in I-130 question   
    I don't believe they are correct. It's a very innocuous question; you are overthinking it.
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    coolman673 reacted to j&ana in Advice on this topic K3   
    just to add it is not really worth the extra money that it will cost for the k-3 visa compare to the cost for a Ir-1/CR-1 visa
    also with the K-3 visa you will have to do AOS later in the USA with the Cr-1 visa it is done at the nvc
    before when the IR-1/CR-1 visa was taking a lot longer the K-3 was a good option for a spouse to come over quickly while waiting on approval.
    Now that it does not take as long for the process of an IR-1/cr-1 visa the k-3 visa is not that good of an option now thus making it more and more obsolete
    Why will you want to do a visa that takes just as long now and cost more and you have to do AOS when your spouse arrives in USa to be legal? When you can do the cr-1 visa that cost less and your spouse will be legal as soon as she or he is in the USA
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    coolman673 reacted to NikLR in Advice on this topic K3   
    It is uscis policy to adjudicate the I-129F and the I-130 together. It is NVC policy to close the I-129F if they recieve it at the same time or after the I-130.
    So the K3 is essentially obsolete and rarely granted.
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    coolman673 reacted to Cathi in Cancelling K1 and doing CR1   
    I don't understand your reasoning as far as cr-1 and having a big wedding. A cr1 is for MARRIED couples...so a wedding is expected. A big wedding will not hurt and chances of getting a cr1, nor will a small court ceremony.
    There is so much misinformation and guessing in this topic, it is making my head spin. First of all, anyone from any country can get AP, regardless of the visa type. Period. Just because someone applies for a cr-1 does NOT make them any more or less likely to get AP than anyone else. Period. A Muslim male is allowed to marry another Muslim, Jew or Christian. A female Muslim can only marry another Muslim. Period. I am Christian my husband is Muslim, we had ZERO issues at any point because of our difference in religion.
    There are pros and cons to both a k-1 and a cr-1. In my opinion, the cr1 has a lot more pros than cons as opposed to the k-1. With a k-1 the approval MAY be faster,but it isn't always the case, it is more expensive in the long run by at least 1k, then you are under pressure to get married and file AOS, the beneficiary cannot work for at least several months until work authorization is approved. With the cr-1 everything is done before the visa is issued, the marriage all paperwork and fees are paid beforehand, and as soon as the beneficiary enters the country he/she can work the minute they set foot into the US and you don't have to worry about anything at all until removal of conditions.
    Now to those of you who are trying to talk the OP out of cancelling their K-1, he has made it PERFECTLY clear that this is the route they will go so they can fulfill his fiance's father's dying wish. I don't think it is appropriate for anyone to pass judgement based on what you may or may not think is right. His life, his wife, his future. He came here asking for specific advice, anything more than that is really no one's business.
    To the OP, I feel for you situation and I think it is very honorable to want to fulfill your future father in-law's dying wish. My father in-law passed away a year ago, he was a kind, gentle, generous, understanding soul and had my husband and I been face with the same circumstance, would have done the same. A lot of people here don't know or understand the Middle Eastern culture, and I am sure his being there to see his daughter married and knowing that she will be safe and taken care of after he is gone will be a huge relief and joy for him. Best of luck and congratulations.
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    coolman673 reacted to CheeAndPaul in How is that possible?   
    You are making assumptions.
    1) Yes the US government most likely does not care if you immigrate or not. Others certainly want to immigrate, but in general, it is indifferent towards who comes over. This is a good thing.
    2) You are the one seeking a benefit from the US government. The ability to immigrate. Therefore the onus is upon you to provide the evidence of who you are and your relationship to your spouse.
    3) The US government does not need, nor want the expense of maintaining records on every human of this fine world. They don't even need the expense of maintaining records of just US citizens.
    4) Foreign Governments do not typically share info on their citizens with other foreign governments. There is no compelling reason for that to happen, with the exception of a few cases (Interpol is one)
    5) Typically local governments maintain the records that are needed to immigrate. The US could ask the local government for the info, but the local government would want compensation for the burden that the US has put on it. It is easier for a foreign citizen to approach their own government and ask for their own records. Generally this service is provided free or at very low cost to their citizens.
    To sum up, you are seeking a benefit therefore the cost of that benefit is yours. Do not expect other people to pay for your benefit.
    This process sucks, I get that, but providing proof of marriage is trivial.
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    coolman673 reacted to CheeAndPaul in How is that possible?   
    No, they do not typically have access.
    Could certain parts of the US government figure it out, sure, but it is easier and much, much less expensive to ask the immigrant to provide the proof themselves.
    Governments in general do not communicate well between their bureaucracies. This is especially true at the international level and exists through all levels of any government itself. (A great example is filling out the I-130 for the USCIS, and then filling out the DS-260 for US DOS, the info is very similar, yet we have to enter it twice.)
    Even the individual states in the US do not communicate between each other. This has a lot to do with who will pay for such communication. Notice the multiple fees you pay instead of just a one time fixed fee.
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    coolman673 reacted to KayDeeCee in RFE help   
    The OMB(Office of Management and Budget) expiration date only matters internally for the USCIS. That expiration date has nothing to do with whether or not it will be acceptable for you to use. The edition date is what matters. The accepted edition dates for the forms are listed on the site where the forms can be found and downloaded.
    The G-325A states this. > http://www.uscis.gov/g-325a
    Edition Date

    02/07/13. Previous editions accepted.
    More info found here for anyone interested. > http://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/47/0.408
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    coolman673 reacted to Pheebs1201 in I-29F G-325A   
    You can search the whole forum, I am yet to figure out a way to search individual threads!
    The only thread I could find was this one: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/452671-damn-rfe-any-advice/which seems to imply that it will be an RFE.
    Hope that helps.
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