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    Hiking, Gardening, Art, Travel, Music

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    Our immigration journey has been really bad.. Hired attorney, check listed all items.. 11 weeks later and RFE for a passport photo, grrr (it was there)... retaken same day, went to Attorney office where it was placed in onight package and together we mailed. Received receipt they got it :).... oops 4 weeks later a dinal because they didn't get it???? appeal 4 weeks later case re opened... 3 weeks later request for passport photo.. same thing sent that day... receipt given.. this time NOA2 came a few weeks later :) !! Then after 6 weeks NVC admitted they never received paperwork from USCIS... called USCIS guess what they reapproved us (second time) only the day before so now we need to wait another 35 days for NVC.. Finally NVC received and sent to embassy.... We got case number and set up medical and interview... the embassy has never sent a letter as of yet.. I guess there are reasons for all of this.. God bless all of you and may your journey be smoother than ours... Hopefully we pass through the interview etc with no more problems!!! Wish us luck..

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  1. To anyone on Facebook that is a FIL/AM couple. I have a group for life during and after visa journey and your Pinay is here is USA. I will make it easier if you go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/272323009467474/ you can request membership

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